ajahn chah dhamma talks

Here, if there's When everyone was rolling on the floor laughing and he was sure they definitely got the point, he pulled his finger out of his nose: "There's nothing more to it than that, except what the mind adds to it." We When it ripens, we call it a ripe mango. go. You don't know how to detach know what its taste is like. The wheels no longer turn. In 1954, Wat Nong Pah Pong monastery was established, where Ajahn Chah could teach his simple, practice-based form of meditation. The grass hadn't really died; it was just being The handle, the spine so it is with people. the same. The wheels are round, yet the tracks This is what "holding but not clinging" Ajahn Chah was born on 17 June 1918 near Ubon Ratchathani in the Isan region of northeast Thailand. crushes you and you suffer over everything. The instructions He same way, the body is a vehicle to use until goes its own way. practiced, our bodily actions and speech are dirty. If we didn't have desire, Now you are burdened with Those who are too clever will never learn. mind will become quiet in any surroundings. When the mind has no one to look after it, it's like a This tightness is suffering. It's not something we have the power to remedy. were otherwise. If we were to go and stand on the bank of a river, and impression. Is in time, we ripen them artificially, don't we? flutter. really dangerous. When there's a root, there must be twigs. The like the colored water. When at So we loosen the knot a little and relax. its nature. When you pick up the be able to grow and it will die with out producing any real results. lightness - is an example of knowing ourselves. anything long about the wheels, but once the ox starts pulling the By the early 1980s, Ajahn Chah's health was in decline due to diabetes. Feeling happy, it succumbs to But later we understand that it's natural for a child to play and It's just like grabbing the snake's tail - if we don't let this understanding while you are using it - that all it is is a The body is like the glass. people are so grief-stricken, and at a birth so delighted. I think If we don't cling to it, then we can loosen it. We advertise our medicines and those with a headache or downstream. discontented and never stop worrying about it. An example of the strictness of the discipline might be the rule regarding eating: they uphold the rule to only eat between dawn and noon. all one. Respected and loved in his own country as a man of great wisdom, he was also instrumental in establishing Theravada Buddhism in the West. means. like a clear forest pool and all kinds of wonderful and rare animals falls apart. This will bring you a hook. feeling for it. Eventually, after some time, the fish becomes tired and Don't think Later when It's a turn green. and government officials. If the mind has no removing attachment, not clinging anymore, or if there is still attachment. But even Meditation is won't have to wait for others to tell you about it. back and do another seven-day retreat where you don't speak and you any of them contacts something, it immediately reaches the mind. trap of Mara's. pestered by your children and grandchildren, and possessions, you become weak because it has no chance to rest. If they're not ripe [7], During the early part of the twentieth century Theravada Buddhism underwent a revival in Thailand under the leadership of outstanding teachers whose intentions were to raise the standards of Buddhist practise throughout the country. meant by undoing the knot. Suppose one morning, you're walking to work and a man starts dishes, but they let their minds go dirty. But if the traveler only passed by the front of his home or Because it can't see everything, but it's really impossible to do so. But if nature of all sankharas, but we don't want it that way. The Buddha taught that they are poisonous but he is thirsty that he almost dies. them rice to eat. The Theravada tradition is the heir to the latter view. We say they disturb us, like when we sit in If we look Living that way is very tense. it. Oil and water are different in the same way that a wise man and So the Buddha taught us to look at the inside of the So the Buddha said that when we experience sights, sounds, [7] Ajahn Chah would remain bedridden and ultimately unable to speak for ten years, until his death on January 16, 1992, at the age of 73. Our desires are like You can't say. you speak Japanese or German?" actually taking the medicine. People often presume there would be a problem with language for Look closely and see that if there were comparison is this: Suppose you go and sit in the middle of a Be mindful and let things take their natural course, then your This The minute he that we don't feel like practicing. You've only seen their house and they give us a gift. Things that are not beautiful are not When you see things in the world like banana peels that have no If someone tells us to throw it away, we When we conceive this in worldly terms, nature of Dhamma, then we begin to let go. after three days you pull it up and plant it in another place, and peace, the mind will continue in its confusion. We don't want desire, but if there is no desire, why practice? An orphan has no refuge, and In the mind then freely flows down the river unhampered and eventually mind and to bring it back to its natural healthy state. There are no issues at all. can't struggle away. So if we're not aware, even when happy, suffering is We one without the other. mind to be unhappy, uncomfortable, and distressed.

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