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Anime Card Game by Anime Soul Discord! Home; Contact Us; Discord Blog Discord Servers, Bots and Blog. Catch, level, and evolve Pokémon, trade and battle with friends, and more. Collect, trade, sell! Anime Soul will gurantee you 110% anime vibes once you join our community! Collect, trade, customize, upgrade, work, and more in a global economy. | Online 24/7. Música, Anime, Matrimonios, Role-play, Niveles, Economía, Mascotas, Clubs, Moderación y mucho más. We've made an advanced system that lets you find other Discord users with similar interest with just a few clicks! Menu . The Pokémon experience, on Discord. Join us today! Toga is a cute little girl from the anime "My Hero Academia". An unique Anime Card Game has been made by Anime fans for Anime fans, the card game is currently available to members across 2400+ Anime communities on Discord, within the Anime Soul Network. The invite of this server is invalid or has expired. A bot support server for 2 cute bots! Connect with all Anime communities today! Online: 85,842 Members: 249,767. Advanced multipurpose bot with Moderation | Music | Custom Commands | Reaction Roles | Permissions & more... Over 200 commands to discover! With that being said, prepare for your direct messages on Discord to get flooded by trade requests , The card above, is an example of a tier 6 card, it’s a highly requested card, and a lot of Anime fans across the multiple communities love One Piece, but I know you are probably getting excited already, so why don’t you head over to Anime Soul Discord and start joining in on the fun? Close. Dyno is a fully customizable bot for your server with a web dashboard, moderation, music, autoroles, auto moderation, and more. Anime Card Game on Discord; See 1 article → You've successfully subscribed to Discord Blog! Our goal is to bring anime fans and gamers from everywhere around the world to one place! 300+ commands, 33000 waifus with two systems, meme generation, fbi, trivia, spotify, high quality music, trump/elon tweets and akinator. We're the largest Anime community on Discord! 1. If you intrested in Anime, Gaming or our bots We are also an Anime & Gaming community! Anime Soul has a super neat website with amazing giveaway system! Anime Soul is the biggest official partnered anime community on Discord! Gamify your community with Tatsu! In this game you have to guess the title of the anime in screenshot, video clip or audio fragment. Looking forward to see you join the family! She will be helpful for you . Erisly is a goddess who plays as a fun Discord bot with various features such as cleverbot, a global economy, NSFW commands, meme generators, customizable prefixes for every server and more! Over 70k collectible anime cards to drop! My friend was talking about his position on a specific topic and the Mod banned them for saying their beliefs. Anime Network on Discord! We connect 500.000+ anime fans on Discord and Steam. Anime Soul is the largest anime community on Steam, with more than 200,000 members! Waifu ?! Login, 【MOST STABLE & EASY-TO-USE MULTI-PURPOSE BOT】 • Fishing Idle-Game/Economy | Gambling Games | Anime/Reddit Alerts | Emotes | Reaction Roles…. This server is a good server for anyone who likes Anime. Have you ever thought about being able to collect your favorite Anime characters in cool looking cards and being able to trade them with other collectors across the worlds best Anime Discord communities? Connect with all Anime communities today! <3 Join us today! Anime, Game Waifu ?! It gets a little toxic when it comes to debates, but overall a great starter Anime Server to join. - Ultimate Discord Pokemon Experience. Connect with all Anime communities today! EV train, hatch eggs, battle, train and trade Pokémon! Home; API; Join Discord; Blog; Discord Servers; Advertise; Premium; Login ; You must be logged in to upvote bots! 50,000 anime/game characters to claim and customize (waifu gacha), catch pokémon, play original multiplayer games and much more! A social bot that spawns characters (waifus & husbandos) from anime & manga, claim them to receive their cards and send them to work. Música, Anime, Matrimonios, Role-play, Niveles, Economía, Mascotas, Clubs, Moderación y mucho más. Join us and enjoy! Come gacha, collect and trade thousands of waifus. ^_^ <3. In this game you have to guess the title of the anime in screenshot, video clip or audio fragment. Artificial intelligence | Music | Giveaway | Economy | Anime Commands | Fun Commands | Info’s. [Battles Released!] Gaming Anime Card Game by Anime Soul Discord! Anime Soul joined Discord in 2017, three years on Discord! (Spanish bot). Over 75,000 anime characters as cards! <3 Join us today! 380 emotes Overwatch Minecraft World of Warcraft One Punch Man Attack On Titan Sushi Manga Fitness Friendship. 8,802 Anime Gaming Guess the Anime: anime quiz / trivia game. ~ Own Anime, minecraft server and an amazing anime/gaming community! Report, 326,993 members Connect to thousands with similar interests, make friends! Discord Servers. 1. RinBot. Zero.est un Bot discord mais avec de nombreuse fonctionnalités, avec des développeurs qui écoutent la communauté afin de améliorer.

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