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[2], Recently, the Ubersreik Five have all noticed that their stout, comradely dwarf – while stout as ever – has not exactly been as comradely of late. Trading shillings he does not have with the penny-pinchers at Karak Ziflin. High grade black powder that the Imperial Engineer’s School would kill to get a look at, much less get their charred and mangled hands on. However, Franz Lohner has done a bit of asking around and, after consulting with Bardin's cousin Okri, he now thinks he knows why...[3], The Five's recent trip to Castle Drachenfels, while a roaring success, has "stirred the pot" according to Lohner, dredging up old memories. Once the victory is assured, he will be the first back to the pub, roaring and laughing at the top of his lungs in a manner only a dwarf is capable of. Rangers rove far and wide, always on the lookout for enemy activity. The next hero to be getting a new career will be Bardin Goreksson, the dwarven member of the Ubershreik Five. [3], And so, for the past few weeks, Bardin has had Lohner running ragged, chasing down all manner of alloys and ores. The only thing that matters more to such a dwarf than a grand death, is postponing that demise long enough to see another foe brought to bloody account. What he does know, however, is that around the same time Bardin was about to be apprenticed to Karak Norn’s Engineer’s Guild, there was some kind of mining accident. A bulwark of comradeliness and good cheer, Bardin became the glue binding our unlikely band of heroes. [3], As for Bardin's wife, the name Grelda Thrangsdottir strikes terror into the hearts of every greenskin who approaches the Karak Norn-Grimhold road. [1], Within the backpack of one of the dwarf dead was another torn piece of the same parchment. Alas, while the Dwarfs are capable of making marvelous inventions, they are also traditionalists, and some don’t take well to change. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. © Fatshark AB 2018-2019. Fifty-two different types of cogs and gears have been acquired. Okri would love this!”. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 © Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2019. [1], Before he embraced a Ranger’s duties, Bardin earned his beard as an Ironbreaker in the great hold of Karak Norn. In official media, he is usually seen with a large beard, wielding a hammer and occasionally a shield. Which was a pity, because Bardin worshipped his Uncle Drakki, and spent every hour he could learning everything the crazy old dwarf had to teach. Vermintide 2’s Dwarf Hero Bardin Goreksson Premium Career DLC While we haven't yet learned any specifics on what exactly Bardin Goreksson's premium career DLC will be, fans are already speculating what's next for Warhammer: Vermintide 2's Dwarf hero. Yet there is nothing rash or reckless in the Slayer’s quest. A bulwark of comradeliness and good cheer, Bardin became the glue binding our unlikely band of heroes. The mine itself was much as he expected – long since exhausted of any precious ore. Further in, the ranger came across something of interest: four dwarf bodies clothed in now-rotten rags, but rags that may once have suggested a lengthy journey was imminent. Before he embraced a Ranger’s duties, Bardin earned his beard as an Ironbreaker in the great hold of Kazak Norn. Ironbreakers are the stalwart protectors of the dwarfen holds, considered by many to be the elite of their kind. Bardin Goreksson, Outcast Dwarf Engineer. Suffice to say, Gorrek was not too pleased when he found out, much less when Bardin declared he was seeking an apprenticeship in the Engineer’s Guild instead of following his father into the clan throngs. He might still have a family, instead of memories of the same. [1] He may be the shortest in the group of heroes, but the Dwarf Bardin Goreksson certainly makes up for it in ferocity, determination, and spirit. As an Ironbreaker, Bardin is the indomitable bastion upon which the Vermintide breaks apart, a rallying point for straggling allies and a grim promise of death to rampaging foes. [3], Indeed, the newly-christened "Outcast Engineer" has been constructing an eight-barreled Steam-Assisted Crank Gun, a Cog Hammer and a set of intricate, heavy armour clad in gold...[3], Nothing brings Bardin quite the same joy as swinging an axe or a hammer, efficiently and brutally working his way through a group of Skaven. Skills burnished in darkness did not lose their lustre in the light. Unbeknownst to his comrades, Bardin has long borne a burden on his heart. His unmatched use of heavy machinery together with his assorted gadgets makes him a master of utility, blasting down anything, or anyone, in his path...[3], Warhammer- Vermintide 2 - Outcast Engineer Career - Official Trailer. What excited him so was the map’s destination: Karak Zorn, the infamous lost hold of the dwarfs that lay hidden somewhere along the Worlds Edge Mountains in the Southlands. Obsessed with new-fangled inventions and mechanisms more than runes and good stonework. In the carnage at Ubersreik, that burden blossomed into a new and terrible ambition. Hintergrund und Handlung des Spiels basieren auf dem Warhammer-Fantasy-Universum. Rangers forsake the dark comfort of hearth and hold, roaming far and wide to vanquish foes far from the walls of their homes. We will soon reveal more, so keep a close eye on our channels. [3], Lohner is not sure what happened after this. Tools whose names Lohner does not know, and could not begin to pronounce. He is dwarfen vengeance personified, and the bringer of death. Now, an honourable death is the only thing to satisfy him, though such is his formidable battle-skill that death may yet be a long way distant. Indeed, some matters are best left private...[3], As for what this has to do with Bardin locking himself up, the Five have all had regrets stirred up by Drachenfels. Following the defence of Ubersreik, Bardin felt the Ironbreaker’s oaths and gromril armour calling him once again, for only an Ironbreaker could stand as a bulwark against the evils gathering against the surface world. [3], As the Five all know, Bardin never made it to the Engineer’s Guild. A confession, of sorts. A bulwark of comradeliness and good cheer, Bardin became the glue binding our unlikely band of heroes. Nonetheless, they are vital to a hold’s ongoing defence, hardened as they are by the harsh environments of the surface world, and accomplished in the arts of tracking and ambush. Next to the corpses was a mound of long-dead rats and the unmistakable corpse of a ratman. Juli 2018 für Xbox One. [1], For ranged battle, he can opt for his grudge-raker to deliver close range area damage or exchange it for accuracy and range using the dwarfen handgun or crossbow. They seldom receive proper appreciation from their dwarfen brethren and are all too often viewed as eccentric, or even wits-addled. Vermintide 2 developers Fatshark have unveiled their next big premium career: the Outcast Engineer fir noted skaven slayer and Dwarf, Bardin Goreksson. Should the need arise, dwarfen steel will punish those enemies foolish enough to stray within Bardin’s reach. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 ist ein First-Person-Shooter, der vom schwedischen Entwicklerstudio Fatshark entwickelt und veröffentlicht wurde. The announcement came yesterday afternoon on Fatshark’s Twitch stream, and with it, came an eight-barreled gatling gun that looks perfectly suited to taking on the rising tide of skaven. It is all to do with family, as it happens. All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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