best cheap mixer for home studio

At just over £70 you get a fantastic option for recording two inputs at the same time. Need more? © 2020. Although it can record two inputs simultaneously, no more. Then there are four stereo channels which only offer two band high/low EQ. The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 MKII also comes with a full suite of software including an exclusive version of Pro Tools | First Focusrite Creative Pack, as well as Ableton Live Lite and access to the Focusrite Plug In collective. The 10 represents great value for money, with four mono channels and three stereo. You have 1 x mic input backed up by an award-winning Scarlett mic preamp with all the gain you need as well as 1 x line level input designed to handle hot pickups. Want gorgeous valve amp tone without having to blow out your windows? If this sounds useful, you’ve hit the jackpot as you simply plug your mobile device/PC into the pedal via USB cable, connect your instrument and then hook up your amp or studio desk (or both at the same time) and you’re all set. If you need a lot of features on a budget, it’s a very strong offering. On the bench the steel face-plated mixer looks practically indestructible, and as with their DJ mixer range each of the channels is mounted on its own independent PCB. Mackie falls into the latter category, having produced full-size studio mixers since the late 80s before launching smaller, more affordable options. A great gift for musicians or addition to your set up if you want an easy way to record ideas. The big selling point here is that the Signature 12 MTK is a kind of hybrid mixer, with an analogue heart complemented by digital features. 2 x 1/4″ balanced Jack Outputs, and 4 RCS phono unbalanced outputs, Provides 48v Phantom power for active microphones, A very popular & best selling audio interface on Amazon, with over 81 reviews, averaging 4 stars, Solid metal chassis for high-quality protection, Incredibly simple to use, with a clear display user interface, 2 inputs (1 microphone and 1 guitar input), Left and Right Output. The M8 is the middle sibling in the family that also consists of the M4 and M12, with the numeric part of the name representing the number of mono channels. Simply plug in your audio source, whether it’s a microphone, line level instrument like a keyboard or electric guitar, hit record on your video and you’re off! With 12 mono channels plus two stereo, the DM16 is big enough to be versatile for most applications. This particular package (basic bundle) comes with the audio interface, XLR leads, TRS leads, headphones and cloth; Additionally, you will need to purchase a microphone, microphone stand and mic stand adapter. At under £150, its also a great gift for the musician in your life! Some of the brands on our list specialise in smaller mixers, while others offer home studio models as part of a much bigger range. For the musician/sound engineer who’s happy with two inputs, but wants more outputs (4) alongside all of the equipment, including a kick-ass microphone! We think it's one of the best cheap audio interfaces as it is packed with studio-quality features like the Legacy 4K Analogue Enhancement combined with a High-Frequency EQ Boost. Again, it’s a simple plug and play audio interface that you can use to record all manner of line level instruments including guitars and keyboards as well as microphones. These cheap audio interfaces are made by some of the world’s best innovators in audio recording, so whether you’re recording guitars, vocals or an entire orchestra – you’re in good hands. Leo Tilton Jr. left college after being two years into a four-year degree to pursue music. There’s three-band EQ, good quality digital effects and bundled ProTools First and Waveform OEM software to get you started with the mixer’s built-in USB interface. Just a glance at the front panel of the MG10XU is enough to see that there’s a lot more going on here, and the end result is a mixer that’s capable of handling medium-sized hardware setups or band recordings with ease. The large Gain knob ensures you have control over your input whilst the compatibility with almost all DAW apps like BandLab, GarageBand, Music Memos, FL Studios makes it easy to add to your setup. After all, not everyone will be listening through studio-quality headphones. Once again there are digital effects, but there are also a few features that we haven’t seen yet on the models we’ve listed: semi-parametric EQ, with an adjustable frequency control for the mid band; aux sends to hook up external hardware effects; 60mm channel faders. Choosing the best home studio mixer or mixing desk is a challenge, not least because they come in all different shapes and sizes. This is not only a contender for the best audio interface in terms of price, but one of the best ever made – a big statement of course, but totally justified considering what it’s capable of. There’s also zero-latency monitoring and it records in up to 24-bit, 96 kHz audio – one of the best USB audio interfaces for those on a budget but need high-quality functionality. Our final selection represents something a little different to the norm. This is a cut above the rest in terms of conversion and sample rates as you get audio recording up to 192kHz / 24 bit with super low latency, even when using plugins. With two inputs, this is targeted more towards the musician looking to record instruments sequentially as opposed to simultaneously…. This is a fourteen channel desk with a USB 1.1 interface for basic recording. There's low latency monitor mix control, headphone amp and range of added software make this an incredible package for those who want to create studio-quality recordings straight out of the box. If you have a small mixer with limited inputs, you may choose to record individual sources independently. The EQs are a fixed three band type at 12kHz, 2.5kHz and 80Hz, with the standard ±15dB gain cut/boost, pan plus a handy pre/post button for the channels that are sent to the audio interface. It’s powered by 4 x AAA batteries and comes with all the connection cables you need, so you’re pretty much good to go straight out of the box.

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