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For instance, “Which table, Table, Table, or Table, representations a function (if any)? The paragraphs are not too long and should be easy for students to read and follow. The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive in any way. UH CAPSCounseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) can help students who are having difficulties managing stress, adjusting to college, or feeling sad and hopeless. Sections present concepts in a variety of ways from paragraph explanation, to boxed definitions and results, to “How to” boxes and “Q&A” each providing differing facet of the content and level of detail. Here are a few things that I think the authors could consider for their next edition. Audiobooks for 40+ Courses in Science and Math (Lite Edition), Teach Yourself College Algebra Visually in 24 Hours. Being over-full of concepts can make it challenging for new students to identify patterns and then build the connections to old/new ideas as they just feel overwhelmed. Infinity [30 min. [22 min.] The following are some good features: There are very useful links to youtube videos that explain concepts. Reviewed by Bader Abukhodair, Mathematics Instructor, Fort Hays State University on 11/29/18, This textbook covers all standard topics in College Algebra textbook, including prerequisite materials. I have used several textbooks for college algebra and find this textbook to be just as good or better than ones with high price tags, so being free to students makes it a good choice. Colors for text, fonts, headings are all appropriate and help to focus the reader's attention to what is truly important. The Art of Simplification [14 min.] I noticed that the author used the same mathematical terminology throughout the book. I see no reason why the types of questions and approaches the authors take will not make for a long lasting and relevant text. ], Lecture Visually they did a nice job of breaking up the content with the use of headings, varying fonts, font styles, and colors. Some Exercises Explained [31 min.] There’s certainly more than a semester’s worth of material here and it would be fairly straightforward to pick and choose sections to... For a course titled College Algebra, all the topics covered and the level of rigor for those topics are mostly as one would expect. The authors then point out that the method and not applicable to higher dimension matrices. The college algebra text covers all the typical topics for a course of this type. TI-83/84 examples should be replaced by Desmos/GeoGebra examples. Chapter review exercises not being a separate section in the online reader (they’re tacked on to the end of the last section of a chapter) is a strange and disappointing choice. ], A Proof That There Are The Same Number of However, some word problems were dated. Binomial Theorem And that is all! Degree "n": General Polynomial Functions [8 min.] 10: FUNCTIONS AND THEIR GRAPHS  Other Algebra topics that may interest you now: 1. I found nothing culturally offensive in this text. Solving Equations "Quadratic in Form" [15 min.] The text is comparable to the book a currently use to teach. It is a strong tool to use for anyone who is unfamiliar or is learning college algebra for the very first time. I did do a little reorganizing of the text.  20: INEQUALITIES IN 1 VARIABLE, Lecture Special Case: Power Functions & Their Graphs [18 min.] It is easy to navigate. We need to be a bit more sensitive in application problems. It's difficult for students to read through textbooks in general. I will likely continue to use this textbook. It could be improved with directions to each section’s glossary, key-ideas summary, and practice problems. The text provides a nice flow of commentary, figures, examples, etc. I have not encountered any grammatical errors while reading through the textbook. [9 min. Please submit your feedback or enquiries via our Feedback page. The text has clear visuals. ], Lecture The interface for both the PDF and the online version work well and navigating around the text with the table of contents is convenient. Finally, in the matrices section the authors present the shortcut method for finding the determinant of a 3x3 matrix which is fine. Furthermore, the inclusion of a wide variety of ancillary content for both instructors and students is much appreciated. Since I can zoom, this is only a minor inconvenience. [21 min. The section numbering system, however, is not consistent between the online and PDF versions, causing slight confusion (e.g. There are also timely Q and A’s. Numerical The Principle of Mathematical Induction [30 min.]. 18: EQUATIONS IN 1 VARIABLE, Lecture Some texts try to include too much and some texts leave to much out. Local Maximums & Local Minimums [18 min.] Besides consistency in the language used, the authors have managed to organize the chapters and sections with common fonts, text boxes, and overall layout so that students know what to expect and aren't distracted by the presentation while trying to learn new concepts. © 2016 Rapid Learning Inc. All rights reserved. The online version’s lesson index can be toggled. The text covers material comparable to the text I currently use. Some might argue that trigonometric functions should be included in a college algebra text, yet I have... I didn’t notice any egregious typos or grammatical mishaps. Every section uses worked and explained examples to showcase ideas and has a full set of practice exercises. ], Lecture 4 Part 1: POLYNOMIAL EXPRESSIONS Often there are Q & A sections included that address the most common conceptual questions that instructors are asked by inquisitive students in the classroom. I'm not sure how this can be expanded to include other calculator manufacturers. A recent survey conducted by CLEP ® … Lecture Since each chapter is divided into sections, a section works very favorably as a lesson plan for each class. 33: SYSTEMS OF LINEAR EQUATIONS  Also, as a personal opinion, I don't think that partial fractions belong in a college algebra text. We already know about exponents ... well logarithms just go the other way. Within each chapter, examples and explanations are logical and flow easily from easy to more difficult. For more information please visit the Center for Students with Disabilities Student Resources page.Additionally, if a student is requesting a (CSD approved) testing accommodation, then the student will also complete a Request for Individualized Testing Accommodations (RITA) paper form to arrange for tests to be administered at the CSD office. [18 min.] College Algebra is an introductory text for a college algebra survey course. The series includes High School Chemistry, AP Chemistry, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. They will be able to translate ordinary language descriptions of a problem into mathematical expression, i.e., they will be able to solve stated problems using algebra. Compared to the textbook currently in use by my institution, I would need to supplement a brief section on circles which serves as a reinforcement of the completing-the-square skill. MATH 15300 COLLEGE ALGEBRA List of Course Topics TEXTBOOK: Swokowski & Cole, Algebra … In the online version’s exercises, only odd-numbered solutions are shown. • Concept map showing inter-connections of concepts introduced. The clarity of this textbook was excellent. For example, word problems required no knowledge of Tamagotchi. min. ], Lecture I did not observe any mathematical errors, and the text’s error submission page appears impressively attended and well kept. It is apparent that a great deal of time and effort have been put into this text and its framework. ], Lecture Each section has its own learning objectives, examples, videos and exercises. Too often ideas are introduced and explained via the fully-abstracted form, which only makes sense to readers already fluent in algebra. If I were to adopt this text, I would increase the number of bookmarks on the PDF so students could quickly get to the exercises at the end of each section. 3. Within chapters, sections move back and forth between explanation, examples, “how to” pull outs, summary boxes, also in a logical sequence, addressing key points as appropriate to the flow of the text. Overall the text includes applications ranging across many subjects, issues, fields, and interests to be meaningful to a wide cross section of students. Ideas are presented as clearly as possible, and progress to more complex understandings with considerable reinforcement along the way. "Radical" Equations [14 min.] min.] Otherwise, the navigation is quite user-friendly. The author uses a consistent narrative text that develops learner curiosity. And don't guess the answer: use pen and paper and try your best before seeing the solution. Maybe we only know that something is less than, or greater than. However, for the level of mathematics course that students are taking, it should be acceptable level. Students can use their smart phone to watch the video right away without typing the URL or clicking. All relevant topics considered, there are only minor differences in content depth and breadth. The textbook covers regression for linear, exponential and logarithm functions, but not for polynomial functions.

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