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Sea Freight (delivery in 2-6 months)  This method does not add to the cost of your order, as it includes Free Local Shipping within Australia. If you are happy with the price, then just reply with your full delivery address and mobile number (for tracking the item) and we will send you a PayPal invoice* for your order. Shop In Stock.

Once arrived, please call 1-800-632-7656 with your order number and remain in your vehicle. Neck Shape*: C-shaped Wir veröffentlichen das Video hier auf der Seite. “Trademark limitations” means that we cannot do exact copies of Trademarked headstocks (example Stratocaster(TM) shape). Stattdessen reicht ein kleiner Schraubendreher. DIY Guitar Kits, G Series, G Type Guitar Kit, New Kits, Other Electric Guitar Kits AUD $ 319.00 Pit Bull Guitars DHB-4 Semi-Hollow Electric Bass Guitar Kit Bass Guitar Kits , D Series , DIY Guitar Kits … We offer lots of custom options . Vielen Dank! Die Schaltung von diesem Prewired Kit ist auch als PTB (Passive Treble/Bass) bekannt, und wurde von Leo Fender für die G&L Legacy entworfen. FAQ. 4 Wochen ab Bridge*: Tele Style ... A solid body ST style DIY guitar kit can be modified to your playing style and preferences. Die besten und ehrlichsten Testvideos kommen von den Usern selbst. Design Custom Guitar Parts. (BYO) Build Your Own Guitar Kit!

Body material: Basswood, Ash, Alder, Mahogany or Elm, Body routing: any configuration of pickups (single coil/humbucker/mini-humbucker/P90/JB, PB or bass humbucker), plus the controls and the control cavity routing to your preference. Thanks for your continued support! Fender®, Gibson®, PRS®, and other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners. Sortiment langsam auffüllen. Nach über zwei Jahren Vorbereitung ist es endlich soweit, die ersten unserer Vintage Clone Pickups sind online.

Shop Guitar Kits Shop Bass Kits Shop BYO Specials. ROASTED SWAMP ASH & ALDER. Build Now. Wir von Arty's Custom Guitars haben uns auf die inneren Werte eurer Lieblinge spezialisiert. PayPal and ANZ (Credit Card) will revert to AUD for payment. USA Custom Guitars accepts no responsibility of the items once they have successfully cleared CITES inspection in the United States and have shipped to your location. Search our shop.

⚠️ Due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) shipping delays may occur. Our custom kits are hand-crafted so delivery times may vary. Kaufdatum). Custom Shop. zu stellen, im Idealfall gemeinsam in Kombi mit einem unserer Prewired Kits würden wir uns sehr darüber freuen.

Wir freuen uns immer über eure Ideen, und werden euch gerne helfen eure Wünsche zu erfüllen. Pickups*: SS Some made in the USA in our custom shop. BYO Custom Shop FrankenStrat Body $149.00 Shop Now. Just the way you want them. E175 Hollow Body Guitar Kit w/ F-Holes, Florentine-style Single Cutaway, SG2 Guitar Kit with 6-String, 2-Pickup Body. einen Master Volume, einen Treble Control (entspricht der gewohnten Tone Blende) in der Mitte, und einen Bass Control Pot der es ermöglicht die Tiefen zu beschneiden. Schick uns einfach den Link, und du bekommst einen GUTSCHEIN über EUR 30,- für deine nächste Bestellung, oder EUR 30,- CASH BACK zurück auf dein Konto (bis max. Orientation*: Custom Subscribe Sign up for our mailing list to receive exclusive discount coupon codes and all the latest news from USA Custom Guitars.

We have great full-featured ST-Styled electric guitar kits, TL-style electric guitar kits and LP-style electric guitar kits. Build your own LP style hollow body DIY guitar. Kein Mindestbestellwert, oder sonst ein Hacken. Build your own personalized guitar using our DIY guitar kits. This DIY guitar kit can be customized according to your taste and playing style. If you are not 100% happy with the item you receive, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your kit and we will arrange a return and refund, or other fair offer if you prefer to keep the kit as received. Description Ph 618 9370 3353 (International), Pit Bull Guitars Wir haben als nächstes die Klassiker für die Tele und Strat geplant, und etwas später folgen dann auch noch ein paar P-90 Pickups, und natürlich die Bässe. Hollow body guitar kit to create your dream DIY semi-acoustic electric guitar. If you live in Australia, we have two options for delivery for Custom Orders; air or sea freight, with different pricing: EMS Air Freight (delivery in approximately 8-12 weeks) This quicker method adds AU$95 for one guitar kit or AU$115 for one bass kit, which covers EMS air freight shipping direct from the Factory, as soon as your kit has been completed.

verbessert. Pit Bull Guitars offers a fully guaranteed Custom Order service, delivering unfinished guitar and bass kits with your choice of modifications. A lot of assembly kits, unfortunately, are quite the opposite.

Scale Length*: 25.5" (648 mm) Pure Tone hat eine hochwertige ¼" Klinkenbuchse entwickelt, die ein neues patentiertes Design verwendet, das eine zuverlässigere Verbindung als die Standard ¼" Buchsen bietet und diese If you are after a body shape for a model that is not currently in our catalog, or you have your own design, we cannot do this for you. Wir helfen dir gerne weiter!

Description You will receive a tracking number when the order has been shipped. (^no routing required for Tele(TM) style bridge), Body binding: single black, white, red, cream, tortoiseshell or triple (black/white/black) binding top and/or back, Body (and headstock) veneer: choose from Flame, Quilted or Spalted Maple (please note: the veneers are very thin {0.6mm}, purely due to cost. Stay safe –>, Custom DIY Guitar Kits from our Custom Shop. We offer more than 40 guitar kit body shapes. Free UK Shipping. Custom Built Guitars. Buy them in kits with all the other parts like tuners, bridge, and pickups – or just get the body and neck and supply your own components. Wir von Arty's Custom Guitars haben uns auf die inneren Werte eurer Lieblinge spezialisiert. verzerrt vorstellen. 150 Beechboro Rd South You can choose your own hand o rientation (left-handed versions too), wood type, hardware, inlays, headstock, binding options & more. Frets*: 22 Neck Shape*: C-shaped Wir veröffentlichen das Video hier auf der Seite. Body type*: Semi-Hollow Instructional DVD: Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit; 36-Page Assembly Instructional Booklet (Fully Illustrated) Nowhere else do you get a kit with such meticulous guidance, quality, and care for your build. Please note: We are an e-Store and do not have a showroom at this address for viewing product. If you can build your own custom guitar, you can easily stand out in the scene. Zahlungseingang bis ein Prewired Kit fertiggestellt und versendet wird.

Dieses Kit ist zurzeit mein absoluter Favorit für die verzerrt vorstellen. Guitar Kit World provides quality electric guitar building kits for guitar enthusiasts to build their own electric & bass guitars.

Diese Solderless Prewired Kits sind mit Klemmen ausgestattet,

Scale*: 864mm Build your own EXP-style 5-string bass guitar. The 2-6 months shipping applies to Custom Orders by Sea Freight only. Pickups ... Wenn du deine Lefty-Gitarre mit einem neuen Innenleben verwöhnen möchtest, oder eine eigene Idee für eine Schaltung hast, melde dich einfach bei uns. This DIY guitar kit can be customized according to your taste and playing style. ROASTED SWAMP ASH & ALDER. Hier gehts zu den Build your own EXP style guitar. Neck join: set (glued in) or bolt on available on most models. Stratocaster Passive Treble/Bass Control LF, Stratocaster Passive Treble/Bass Control SL. dadurch ist kein löten mehr nötig. Here you can find our premium Kit Guitar Bodies and necks, a blank canvas for your masterpiece made in our workshops in Dorset, UK. Wenn also jemand Lust hat ein aussagekräftiges YouTube Video mit einem unserer Pickup Sets online Wir haben unsere Solderless Prewired Kits mit neuen kleineren Klemmen ausgestattet. Our custom kits are hand-crafted so delivery times may vary. Wenn ihr bei den Standard Kits nicht fündig werdet, gebt uns einfach Bescheid wonach ihr sucht. Daher dauert es zirka 3-5 Tage ab Pit Bull Guitars offers a fully guaranteed Custom Order service, delivering unfinished guitar and bass kits with your choice of modifications. personalized guitar using our DIY guitar kits.

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