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The Chinese were the first to describe dandelion’s medicinal virtues in purifying the blood and increasing the immune system. My partner and I picked together for an hour, him impatiently asking me if we had enough yet—did we have enough now, is this enough now, how about now? Discover (and save!) The weeks of lock down and social distancing have brought my relationality and interdependence into much higher visibility. Sign Up. I’m collecting a plastic grocery sack full of fat, wide-open dandelions. Gathering enough dandelions is the first and the hardest step in making dandelion wine. Once cooked, drain the dandelion leaves in a colander. Its scientific name is Taraxacum, a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. But neither is going among the weeds sheltering in place. This page was last changed on 18 September 2020, at 14:07. They are an invasive species in some areas. Follow Us Home > Words that start with D > dandelion. My mother always serves it dressed but without onions. This Work of My Hands Trim 1-2 inches off the stems and discard. Its medical uses are extensive and the dandelion has been used around the globe—in Arabian, Native American, Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal practices—to treat a range of ailments. [4] Its seeds are like little parachutes that fly away with the wind, spreading and growing more dandelions. In the Victorian Language of flowers she represents Oracles, Joy and faithfulness. Dandelion meaning in Arabic is الهندباء - Synonyms and related Dandelion is Blowball. The English name, dandelion, is a corruption of the French dent de lion meaning "lion's … Another year, a friend invited me to collect on his aunt’s farm in Maryland. A year from now, the flavors of 2020’s flowers will have blended with lemon zest and spices. Cooked Dandelion root is tossed with a lemon and olive oil and topped with caramelized onions for the delicious Lebanese vegan dish known as Hindbeh. Dandelion Flower – Etymology . We have yet to see the enduring impact this experience will have upon our communities and our daily-relations going forward. While it has a slightly bitter taste, the lemon juice and olive oil give it wonderful flavor offsetting that bitterness, making it a quite delicious and healthy vegetarian side dish to go with any meal! I prefer to gather away from busy roads and areas that have been or may be polluted with exhaust or other run off. They are an invasive species in some areas. Dandelion wine is one of my favorites to make. What we see as a single yellow flower is, in fact, a head of unique florets, each with its own seed. Wash the dandelion greens thoroughly under cold water. The trick is to find a field or lawn that has not been treated with fertilizers or weed killers. All Rights Reserved. I couldn’t be sure they hadn’t been sprayed or graced by dog or human by-products. How to Say Dandelion in Different Languages. But these were not enough for my preferred recipe—so we took to our bikes on a scouting expedition. Dandelion looks and acts like a weed but, actually has amazing health benefits! I craved the comforts of a detailed and time-consuming project. While the dandelion greens are cooking, thinly slice the onion in half then, into thin half-moon slices. Folklorists have collected dandelion wine recipes from homebrewers across Ireland, the UK, and Northern Europe, and subsequently in many US-locations where the Gaels and other Northern Europeans settled—an inexpensive and useful spring brew. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. You will then have to pair off that little bit of stem—which you do not want in the must. Every spring, I am out somewhere in the DMV, collecting dandelion heads, so that I can stew the flowers with sugar, citrus fruit, and spices, then ferment the mix into a golden-yellow wine. [3], Their sharp leaves look a bit like lion's teeth. It will settle, clear, and mature. And yet, I couldn’t shake the need; I had to make wine this year. By the eleventh century, Arabic cultures … A Forager’s Meditation Cook the greens for 15-20 minutes until soft and tender. There’s no shortage of online sources or recipes to harness the dandelion’s “healing” power. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Aug 4, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by راغدة | Ragheda. Another popular way to make Hindbeh is to boil it for only 5-10 minutes then once all the excess water has been removed, add it to a skillet with olive oil and onions and sauté for about 10-15 minutes. A year and a few months later, the taste mellows into a smooth and ginger-sweet beverage. Gerard of Cremona, in translating Arabic to Japanese around 1170, spelled it tarasacon. None of us are able to comfortably escape questions about how we share quarters and public spaces with our neighbors, friends, and family. I brew flower wines. Some years, when I lived in a rental house outside the city, I was able to collect in my yard and from neighbors. We imagine a future of many promises. Once they are boiled until softer to eat, all the water is then squeezed out of the cooked dandelion. a yellow wild flower that often grows where people do not want it to زَهْرة الهِنْدُباء (Translation of dandelion from the Cambridge English-Arabic Dictionary © Cambridge University Press) Dandelion and chicory are from the same family of greens and are quite similar in taste and look. Stick it out and remember the cheerfulness of a sunny summer’s day when things seem bleak or dark. I needed the brush with normalcy after all the other cancellations, plan b’s and setbacks of the previous months. Check out our list for saying dandelion in different languages. Finding a source for dandelions in the city-limits initially daunted me. She loves a good homebrew, misses live music shows, and still can’t stop looking for dandelions to pick. I paced the fenced line of a vacant, overgrown lot that awaits construction, calculating whether I could jump over or shimmy under or squeeze through. Its scientific name is Taraxacum, a large genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. Dandelion pollen can often make people have allergies. In other years, I have haunted the fence edges and abandoned plots of community gardens. The Value of Small (and Common) Things Home. Over dinner, I ruminated on whether I’d be arrested if I was caught in the field. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. A dandelion is a flower. Dandelion looks and acts like a weed but, actually has amazing health benefits! If Lion is King of the Jungle, and Rose the Queen of the Garden, Dandelion is Princess of the lawn. Top with the caramelized onions and serve with pita bread. 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I will uncork a bottle and think back to this time in a similar spirit, grateful that our difficulties are behind us. Hains Point and the Tidal Basin are completely cordoned off. Through the gaps in the landscaping fabric zip tied to the chain link, I could see plenty of clusters of dandelions waving in the wind. Peace of breath and motion amidst the furor. Rifle through the other weeds and pull the flower free of other leaves and greens. How Long Does COVID-19 Survive in Air, on Surfaces? People are wearing masks and bandanas when they do venture outdoors. As the weather warmed the flowers became more assertive, appearing defiant and gleeful in every patch of grass and on every corner. The origin of dandelion wine is often ceded to the ancient Celts and Anglo Saxons, though the Greek naturalist Theophratus prescribed a “dandelion tonic” to treat freckles and liver spots. Either one works perfectly in this recipe. Required fields are marked *. Sluice the head from the stem with your thumb nail. [2] All parts of both species are edible. Found around the world, dandelion is known by a number of names that reference its bitter taste, golden and mature flowers, and its ubiquity: bitterwort, cankerwort, clockflower, common dandelion, blow-ball, puffball, Irish daisy, piss-in-bed, pissinlit, priest’s crown, swine’s snout, telltime, and yellow gowan. The plant itself is remarkable for its resilient bioengineering. Free Walk-Up COVID-19 Testing at 8 DC Fire Stations. I brew flower wines. Log In. Its English name is said to be derivative of the French dent-de-lion or lion’s tooth.

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