deathstroke vs superman

ohhh what comic is that. Deathstroke is a genius. And after time and again, Deathstroke trys to think what Spidey's next move will be, each time Spidey does what he isn't expecting because of the Spider-Sense. The merc/not concerned about killing version of bats takes it?? I haven't read the actual book,but rather I just heard that Superman wasn't able to faze Slade with the Ikon. I haven't read the actual book,but rather I just heard that Superman wasn't able to faze Slade with the Ikon. It is actually almost too easy, this guy took down the justice league (without superman) with a set of explosives and a laser pointer, imagine when he actually has an unlimited supply of Superman's greatest weaknesses... Too easy. . If the sword was sheated, then Clark doesn't have a problem, he could finish it sooner and with less damage. Clark is unaware that he is going to be attacked and is home alone watching TV.. Couldnt have written it out any better bro. Also didn't know it was disabled. After taking a second or two he moves in for a move that by watching Spidey should work but is caught off guard by the Spider-Sense only to get smashed in the face. yeah Supes wins. Ok. Also he would chop Superman down to size with his Kryptonite sword and bullets. Many answers here give Deathstroke the victory. @tonystark6999: There is literally no point in continuously bumping old threads just to say the same thing everyone on thread has been saying. Incidentally; here's Deathstroke's latest bout with Superman. He would do something different, like a kryptonite time bomb that will blow up the house, once done he would go in with his kryptonite sword and finish Superman, that would be weakened by the explosion. it's in a small area, no bfr, superman has morals on, and slade has good prep time and good equipment... Standard gear as listed in the OP definitely does not include anything Lex has given him, unless we are talking the bullets and sword. Slade takes this. But what gear has Luthor given to him in this battle? He can do so since his footsteps wouldn't sound any different than anyone else walking down the street. So imagine that in Deathstroke, he is twice the everything!! @ordinaryalan: yes, and superman will go to him and try and talk (morals/confusion). Anyways, if this is the case, then Slade might lose. Clark is unaware that he is going to be attacked and is home alone watching TV.. How does that prevent Superman from flying up faster than bullets travel and then liquefying all of Slade's weapons & armor? 0. It's be a good fight but I'd give it to Deathstroke. @annoyedimmortalspirit: it worked on Supergirl, lead box means he couldn't see a thing, and I am just saying simple ways, there are many factors he could do, such as simply setting up traps of kryptonite around his house that cover all the exits. @sromero78: how's Slades reaction time? The fact you are forgetting Supe's super senses would surely make you think twice. Spider-Man in contrast leaps before he thinks, has terrible hand to hand skill that only his super-human attributes allow him to compensate with. If that was the case I would have made this bloodlusted for Clark and with no prep for Slade whatsoever... Then again I think this is a fair match considering Clark's morals and Slade's prep prowess... @reaverlation: Superman has confronted Slade multiple times I might add, not one scenario ended with that outcome. If you take Clark's senses around, he would be seeing the kryptonite, and fly away as fast as possible. Pete's also got a mobility advantage on Slade. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. @iragexcudder: how? © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. If it can be killed, Slade Wilson, a.k.a. @cf12793: I don't have access to my computer for another 2-1/2 weeks. Superman disarms him before he blinks, leaves him without clothes in the middle of a desert in another blink and then says, talk. @digitalshooter9: it most definitely is, I got you bro. He isn't getting sneaked up on a guy who can hear things across the globe.! Slade has access to all the kryptonite or red radiation resources he needs thanks to Luthor's assistance.. Slade has a month to prepare and he is going to infiltrate Clark Kent's house...(He knows Superman's identity for the scenario). Spider-Man is competent when he is serious   ". spite. Slade stomps him. @parryboy: you are acting like Clark knows someone is after him. @thecoolest: he has the kryptonite sword here. Ikon suit + kryptonite weapons + brilliant tactical mind = dead Superman. @patrat18: Wut are you wutting at? Deathstroke escapes from Superman. -.- Deathstroke is pretty much Batman with Morals off. Time for me to butcher Greek and Roman names again! Slade does the stabby thingy and superman falls over. @chaos911: @eisenfauste: No, i was adding my giving my input as well. Being serious does nothing for your competence. " TOOK DOWN: X-MENIt seems hard to believe now, but DC and Marvel have worked together several … Slades 2 week prep= a win to you? The first box makes me laugh so much. Superman. he will ko slade before ds even knew a fight started. The bullets wouldn't be effective because Clark dodge them like nothing and i can see Slade taking a couple shots from a morals on Superman but he is not going to win. Deathstroke's tactics will give Spider-man a run for his money, but "super reflexes" don't beat border-line pre-cognition any day of the week. He will do to superman what he did to Supergirl in the battle of Khandaq, basically use a kryptonite sword. The merc/not concerned about killing version of bats takes it?? Thus, a pissed off superman puts DS into a full body cast. DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Indie alike, nothing is free from our dramatic readings.Deathstroke VS Superman \"Godkiller\" - Complete Story | Comicstorian

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