eastern kingbird hovering

Vocalization. 2 Click here to hear the call of an Eastern Kingbird. The song of an Eastern Kingbird is a complex series of fast buzzy and chattering notes. The Eastern Kingbird, Tyrannus tyrannus, is a large Tyrant flycatcher. Spunky and adaptable, this flycatcher has adjusted well to advancing civilization within its range. Flycatchers are named for their foraging style. Larger prey are preferred. Eastern kingbirds are aggressive and will energetically attack perceived threats, whenever they are nearby. Eastern Kingbird: Large flycatcher, blue-black back, wings, black tail with white terminal band, white underparts. 1 Click here to hear the song of an Eastern Kingbird. Most predators target eggs and nestlings. Black bill, legs, feet. Eastern Kingbird: Call is a quick, loud, chattering "kit-kit-kitter-kitter"; also a buzzing "dzee-dzee-dzee." They are a little grayer with a darker mask around the eye, and the white-terminal band at the end of the tail has not yet fully formed. He records the kingbird's voice as 6,225 vibrations per second (approximate mean), very close in pitch to the song of the redstart (6,200). Fruit is taken in flight while hovering or gleaning as well. Primarily a Caribbean species with limited range in U.S.; found around the edge of dense woodland, especially near the coast. Eastern Kingbird Fledglings: Eastern Kingbird Fledglings: As you can see, the fledglings look a bit different from their parents. Eastern kingbird adults are sometimes taken by aerial predators, such as American kestrels. Head is black, has inconspicuous red crown feathers visible when bird is displaying. Most similar to Eastern Kingbird but Gray Kingbird has lighter gray upperparts, a longer bill, and lacks white tail tips. Migrate in flocks to South America. Tyrannus tyrannus is a large Tyrant flycatcher. Waxwings have yellow terminal tail bands. The Eastern Kingbird is easily told from other similar kingbirds by its white terminal tail band and black and white plumage. They aggressively defend their territory, even against much larger birds. Calls are very short crisp tzeet notes. They sit quietly on a perch and dart out to grab a flying insect from the air, and then return to their perch to wait for the next meal to fly by. Pale kingbird, white below and gray above with a darker face mask. Eastern Kingbird . Many also forage by hovering next to foliage or over the ground. Fluttering stiff-winged direct flight with shallow wing beats. Eastern Kingbird: Feeds on insects and fruits; often forages by hovering and pouncing on prey on the ground. They have a red patch on their crown, seldom seen. Most have a distinct, upright posture and a slight crest. The call is a high-pitched unmusical chirp. Eastern Kingbird Tyrannus tyrannus Description: 8-9" blackish head, blue-black mantle and wings, black tail with white terminal band, white below, red feathers in middle of crown, usually concealed, long crown feathers and upright posture They also catch insects in flight, sometimes hovering to pick food off vegetation. Migration: Neotropical migrant, wintering in South America. Their breeding habitat is open areas across North America. In open country of the west, the Western Kingbird is often seen perched on roadside fences and wires, flying out to snap up insects -- or to harass ravens, hawks, or other large birds that stray too close to the kingbird's nest. Adults are grey-black on the upperparts with light underparts; they have a long black tail with a white tip. Also seen in more suburban areas. Similar Species Field marks: The eastern kingbird is a large flycatcher with a broad white line across the tip of its black tail, two very inconspicuous wing bars, and no yellow in its plumage. Adults are grey-black on the upperparts with light underparts; they have a long black tail with a white end and long pointed wings.

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