electric guitar building school

The Guitar Building Focus Program will provide students with an experience like no other. This Fast Track Course is ON SALE NOW through Dec 31, 2020. If you can dream it, you can come a build … OCTOBER 18 - 25 (Full) JANUARY 10 - 16 HANDS-ON GUITAR MAKING teaches professional methods and techniques used by today's successful luthiers. NEW ZEALAND. This course is structured to instruct and guide the student through the complete design, and the essential planning and initial construction phases of a custom electric guitar. MALAYSIA. A secondary objective is to prepare graduates for road tech work and for apprenticeships and entrepreneurial start-ups. HANDS-ON GUITAR MAKING. High school students share the fruits of their labour at annual Guitar Show March 1,2019. The Centre for Fine Woodworking www.cfw.co.nz They offer an acoustic guitar making course and electric guitar making course each … 1240 N. Homan Ave. in Chicago, Illinois 60651   Map. In my opinion these are the best guitar-building instructional materials (video or written) available anywhere. Classes are scheduled on three consecutive weekends. Class size is limited to 8 students. Choosing a handmade instrument is an exciting endeavor that few have the opportunity to experience. A new guitar building school in Toronto with courses in ukulele, electric guitar, acoustic and cigar box guitar making. If you are using our Services via a browser you can restrict, block or remove cookies through your web browser settings. Course fee includes instruction, reference guide, use of a workbench and all shop supplies necessary. We cover every aspect of electric guitar construction in this course, other than winding pickups and making hardware. Students who take this course may continue working on their luthiery projects in Open Workshop at the school. For over 40 years we have been providing students with the skills and knowledge they need to enter the world of professional guitar making and repair. From the design to the application of finish, students will challenge themselves and experience the sequence of processes involved in the manufacturing of a electric guitar or bass. Roberto-Venn’s new 10-week repair course prepares graduates for a job with retail music stores and repair facilities. Student aid and Veteran’s benefits are available to those who qualify. Click below to see examples of student work. Veterans benefits are available to those who qualify. We can teach you the skills that are essential to create and take care of musician’s instruments – everywhere. Roberto-Venn’s new 10-week repair course prepares graduates for a job with retail music stores and repair facilities. Jungle Guitars www.jungleguitars.com. Steel String Guitar Building Course / Intermediate / Advanced Level. The Guitar Building Focus Program is a one-semester program for senior high school students to build an electric guitar or bass from start to finish. Copyright 2014 Brand Exponents All Rights Reserved. Seize this rare opportunity to make a successful first lap into a lifetime of Luthiery. Hundreds of students, young and old, some with experience some with none, have attended the school over the years. NEW ZEALAND. While we make every effort to keep the CSGM workshop clean it can be dusty and at times noisy. Jeffrey Yong www.jeffyongguitars.com. The electric course is limited to 5 students in order to maximize the instructor/student relationship. Acoustic and Electric Luthier training and Guitar Repair Courses. No drawing, design or previous shop experience is necessary. Come and enjoy with us the passion we have for music and the art of guitar-building. Scott Walker honed his skills working alongside luthier Richard Hoover, of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, studying acoustic guitar construction. Most students will complete their guitar within 80-120 hours, depending upon their pace and the complexity of their guitar design. Guitar building schools and courses INDIA. Luthier Kelvin Cheng www.luthier.hk. 7-day Electric Guitar & Bass . We have this safety equipment available for use or purchase when in class and it is the students responsibility to exercise diligent use of these safety measures. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our, CREATING|| WOODWORKING|| DESIGN|| INSPIRATION|| GUITAR BUILDING||, 235 Frontenac Street, Kingston, ON K7L 3S7, High school students share the fruits of their labour at annual Guitar Show, Kingston high school students create their own instruments in guitar-building class. While completing a guitar in under 80 hours is possible, it is unlikely. The course bundles classes arranged sequentially, so that the student can progress through a logical series of curriculums and get an original electric guitar design project underway within a short time. This Fast Track Course includes our Guitar Set-up Course, Guitar Design Course, and Guitar Making Workshop. This course teaches how to design and make an electric guitar from raw materials and stock or custom hardware. Pembina Valley Luthiers Guitar Building Course, The music won’t stop – and neither will we.

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