fish scale in a sentence

In some species like Atlantic Salmon, the scales exhibit the presence of spawning marks on them. Recycled steel can scrap is a proven iron foundry charge, Investigation of the Effect of Base Strength on the Antifungal Activity and Chemical Composition of the Fish Scales Hydrolyzates. The scale though an old one will always be accurate. The scales’ count is highly important in taxonomy. The fish monger in this store will remove the scales off the fish. [39] Due to the fact that denticles come in so many different shapes and sizes, it can be expected that not all shapes will produce the same type of turbulent flow. Ctenoid (toothed) scales are usually found on perch-like fishes. Third picture points out two persons making great effort to scale the hill. An exception occurs with the scale-eating cichlid Perissodus microlepis. [8] Comparisons to modern shark species have shown that thelodont scales were functionally similar to those of modern cartilaginous fish, and likewise has allowed an extensive comparison between ecological niches. 0. More fish jokes? was founded in 2010 and our goal is to have definitions for any english word. – These men use a rope to scale the mountain. We’ve scoured the internet and managed to gather together all the visual fish puns (memes, comics, etc.) On the crown of the fast-swimming sharks there are a series of parallel riblets or ridges which run from an anterior to posterior direction. Image 3: (verb) These scales contain almost no bone, being composed of a surface layer containing hydroxyapatite and calcium carbonate and a deeper layer composed mostly of collagen. 4-I can see five notes on the scale,unfortunately I am not talent person to read the musical notes :)), Unluckily, I don’t have good command at English, but I’m trying hard to improve it. [32], All denticles are composed of an interior pulp cavity with a nervous and arterial supply rooted in the dermis to supply the denticle with mucus. [49] These biomimetic models were designed and analyzed to see the effects of applying the denticle-like structures to the wings of various airplanes. –, What’s the difference between a fish and a piano? The morphology of a scale can be used to identify the species of fish it came from. Word, phrase, or sentence: New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. During the simulation, it was noted that the sample altered how the low and high angles of attack reacted. This space contains collagen fibers. 6 A shortage of money has forced them to scale down the project. Leptoid scales come in two forms: cycloid and ctenoid. Placoid (pointed, tooth-shaped) scales are found in the cartilaginous fishes: sharks, rays. 3. Scaling the Himalayas will be the lifetime dream of many mountaineers. They are present in some lobe-finned fishes, such as all extant and some extinct lungfishes, as well as the coelacanths which have modified cosmoid scales that lack cosmine and are thinner than true cosmoid scales. 4) Learn your saxophone scale!!!! Hi wants to draw his pictures to scale. [29], Fish scales with these properties are used in some cosmetics, since they can give a shimmering effect to makeup and lipstick.[30]. In short,scale word like many English words has more than one meaning.In picture 1,you need a scale to weigh something.picture 2, a fish is coverd with scales should be removed before eating.picture 3,mountaineers need a scale to reach the top of the mountain.picture 4,reference to the seven notes Of music.

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