fun ways to cool off in the summer

Keep your hydration levels topped off throughout the day and evening to ensure heat is being managed most effectively by your most powerful weapon. Bucks County is home to many places to stay including cozy bed and breakfasts and contemporary hotels. Bucks County is rich in history, exciting entertainment and family fun. And while ice cream might seem refreshing in the moment, it will only make you feel warmer in the long run—flavored ice is a healthy alternative. Thanks to its diverse population, Bucks County has become a foodie paradise. If you aren’t sure about planning an elaborate beach trip, you can always visit a … Miss Melanie Yoga … Summer Safety Tips for Kids Playing Outdoors, 8 Healthy Life Lessons From My Dear Old Dad, 7 Healthy Reasons to Try Something New Every Day, Senior Exercises That Help Strengthen Your Upper Back, Tips on How Seniors Can Improve Flexibility, The Benefits of Tai Chi for Seniors and How to Get Started, Loud Traffic Bad For Your Health, Study Shows, 5 Noises our Body Makes and What they Mean, 6 Healthy Reasons to Learn Another Language, 8 Tips for Giving Thanks on a Daily Basis, 12 Negative Thought Patterns that Play Havoc in Life, Tips to Help Make Fitness a Lifelong Habit, Reasons to Exercise That Aren't Related to Weight Loss. You and your friends can discover the hot spots for fly fishing on a private guided tour. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the adults! Share a Little Sweetness around Bucks County! Keep it on hand and drink it regularly throughout the day. Visit a Local Lake. This one's simple. Parents are usually looking for things to do in the summer while their kids are home all day and visiting the local library is a great option. Have some fun with the kids or your friends by filling up a bunch of balloons with water and tossing them around for a little good old fashioned fun. We’ve got some frozen treat ideas for both kids and adults. Pull the sprinkler out, get the kids (and yourself) in their bathing suits, and start running through the sprinkler. They might even have swimming lessons or run day camps for the kids. This is especially true for people who don’t have air conditioning or have little ones who want to play outside. She enjoys cooking (with wine), walking her dog, reading, and recently joined a yoga studio! One sip will feel like jumping into a cold refreshing pool of water. Spend the day cooling off, and of course… catching some fish! 15 ways to stay cool this summer without AC, drinking water in equal measure to how many ounces of sweat you're expelling, People who retire comfortably avoid these financial advisor mistakes, 25 things you didn't know about the Girl Scouts, America's most common slang words, explained, 30 photos of labrador retrievers, America's #1 dog breed, Experts rank the best U.S. presidents of all time. One run through the sprinkler is sure to cool anyone off! It’s already hot enough in the summer and if you don’t have air conditioning, firing up these appliances is only going to make your home even more unbearable. This includes fruits and vegetables such as melons, cucumbers, lemons, leafy greens, and berries. Your feet are one of the most temperature-sensitive parts of your body, so keeping them cool will help the rest of your body stay cool. Let’s face it, everybody loves a good slip and slide! Enjoy fun and seasonal festivals throughout Bucks County! Savor the taste of Bucks County as your try homemade ice cream from one of these nine delicious creameries that’s sure to cool you down from the hot sun. Window fans pulling in cooler outside air should be positioned on the first floor of the shadiest, coolest side of the home (most likely in a north-facing window). Avoid that entirely by grilling outside, eating out, or switching things up with a raw foods diet on the hottest days. She is constantly striving to live a more active and healthy life, from eating healthy, exercising, and just spending more time outdoors. Sip a cold one along the Bucks County Ale Trail as you beat the heat. Who doesn’t love a little heat, especially after a long cold winter? 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Other fabrics which can help you fight off the sweat are chambray, rayon, linen, and synthetic blends, and lighter colors are generally cooler than darker colors. Or, take a scoop out of one of these wonderful water ice places! One study by Harvard University in 2016 tracked students before and after a heatwave and determined that higher temperatures correlated with decreased cognitive function; another by Stanford University in 2018 studied the links between suicide rates and temperature and ultimately theorized that bumps in temperature from now through the year 2050 may correlate with an added 21,000 deaths from suicide. For the times we can't be in air conditioning 24/7, there are thankfully dozens of low-cost, energy-efficient ways to cool off during summer heat that work and don't involve sitting in a bath of ice water all day. Seasonal. Whether your skincare routine involves multiple products or just one, keeping them in the refrigerator can make for a refreshing reprieve from the heat.

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