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The Old English Latin Alphabet was the alphabet that replaced Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. To learn more about specific eras you can browse . 0000022228 00000 n History of Writing Tools Timeline 1. I think that by the year 3100, nearly the entire world will know this new language. Search through the entire ancient history timeline. Early European writing parchments made from animal skins required careful scraping and cleaning. var timelineTypesChecked = []; Keywords. A writing fluid or ink filled the stem and squeezing the reed forced fluid to the nib. It is through the drawings, signs, and words we've recorded that we've come to understand the story of our species. It has been driven by research and theory. He, with the help of the Rosetta Stone, deciphered the Hieroglyphs so that we can understand their meanings. The rights to the patent of the pen were sold to the British Government. Historical Timeline to Reading and Writing Instruction Conclusion Our history of reading and writing instruction has been marked by the United States' need to compete with our Countries. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. He is Gilgamesh's other half and they soon become best friends. 0000020383 00000 n Writing Timeline. This alphabet was thought to be used around the time of the Vikings. 0000021156 00000 n The Epic of Gilgamesh is a story of a tyrant king that turns into a friendly and well known king. Devanagari is also used to write in Sanskrit. 0000019051 00000 n The Ancient History Encyclopedia logo is a registered EU trademark. For ink the Egyptians would crush up berries. Most of the world used Latin at some point. With the high volume of and the repetition inherent in record keeping, pictographs evolved and slowly lost their detail. Other cultures developed inks using natural dyes and colors derived from berries, plants, and minerals. %PDF-1.4 %���� The writing instrument that dominated for the longest period in history (over one-thousand years) was the quill pen. The first inexpensive pen was available when Bich developed a process to make the faster and cheaper. Around 400 BCE, the Greek alphabet was developed and began to replace pictographs as the most commonly used form of visual communication. The left wing was favored because the feathers curved outward and away when used by a right-handed writer. The invention of ink paralleled that of paper. Shakespeare wrote over 150 sonnets! Since before the other fountain pens had various spills and inconveniences. One type of alphabet that came from the Phoenician Alphabet was the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet. The amount of people that at least know parts of the language will become 100%, and that schools or any learning facility will be required to teach this language. Introduced around the year 700, the quill is a pen made from a bird feather. $('.chk_timeline_types').change(function() { Since its invention, the Greek Alphabet has been used to this day. The first writing Writing has its origins in the strip of fertile land stretching from the Nile up into the area often referred to as the Fertile Crescent. Rulers & Politics All Rights Reserved. The Greek Alphabet is made up of 24 characters. 0000006734 00000 n 0000040731 00000 n Specify between which dates you want to search, and what keywords you are looking for. by the Sumerians. Elder Futhark was adopted and modified by the Scandinavians between the 7th and the 9th centuries, where they turned it into their own Younger Futhark. It allowed us to record our history, ideas and discoveries and spread them across the globe for all to know. 90 0 obj<>stream I believe that the literacy rate of this language will become around 95-100% at this time. As the Latin alphabet and language spread it became more popular. Papyrus was a very important type of paper used by the Egyptians for writing. The ability to mass-produce writing in this way revolutionized the way humans communicate. The Chinese invented and perfected 'Indian Ink'. timelineTypesChecked.push(this.value); The Epic of Gilgamesh was written around 2150 B.C.E. A HISTORY OF WRITING SYSTEMS The earliest signs for visual communication that provide a traceable link to later forms of writing are the clay tokens developed for accounting purposes in Mesopotamia in the ninth millennium BC. We have also been recommended for educational use by the following publications: Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. Cuneiform This writing style imerged near Sumer. 0000001016 00000 n Some hundred years earlier, deposits of graphite were discovered in England which marked the birth of pencils which didn’t use ink but a core of a solid pigment, graphite in the beginning and later mixture of powdered graphite and clay. It was the discovery of clay that made portable records possible. $('.chk_timeline_types:checked').each(function(elem) { These carvings on his tomb are the earliest known example of the Phoenician Alphabet. 0000019126 00000 n These Hieroglyphs were not used for everyday writing, though. Categories: I would think that the amount of people that can use this language would be around 60-75%. States & Territories History of Writing Tools Timeline 2. If they didn't need certain letters they would just use the other end of the stylus to rub the words out. Literary Periods & History Timeline Here you will find our graphical timeline representing literary periods & movements, as well as major events or authors from literature history. Numerous educational institutions recommend us, including Oxford University and Michigan State University and University of Missouri. Lewis Waterman invented the first practical fountain pen. These drawings represented events in daily life such as the planting of crops or hunting victories. 0000001584 00000 n Worldly Wisdom." The latter, initially used as an all-purpose skinning and killing tool, was later adapted into the first writing instrument. This alphabet is in use in over 120 countries. 0000018308 00000 n This writing style imerged near Sumer. It was then rediscovered in 1865 and re deciphered so we can now understand it again.

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