honeywell electronic entry knob door lock manual

b. Make sure the Door Lock is in the unlocked position and then release catch by inserting Lock Stick into the slot on the underside of levers (Figure 11a). The Honeywell electronic entry knob features a convenient 1-touch locking system and 50 programmable user codes. Installation & Operation Guide Electronic Entry Lock with Knob Available in four finishes, the electronic entry knob suits a range of doors and home decor styles. Test the lock using the Keypad. The backlit programmable keypad allows for keyless entry. 8732001 locks pdf manual download. a. Remove both lever handles from the bases by pulling away from door when the catch is released (Figure 11b). Steel security safe (7 pages) ... Set is shipped with the backset set at 2-3/8” (60mm) Measure the backset (backset is distance between edge of the door and the center of Lock). Also for: 8732301, 8732101, 8732401. The Honeywell Electronic Entry Knob features a convenient one-touch locking system, 50 programmable user codes, and an alarm that sounds after four incorrectly entered user codes for added security. An alarm sounds after 4 incorrectly entered user codes for added security. Electronic Entry Lock with Knob. Test the Lock using the Interior Knob. … Insert Deadbolt Latch Set into door edge hole with the word “UP” and the arrow on the extension plate facing UP. View and Download Honeywell 8732001 installation & operation manual online. Honeywell Electronic Door Locks are accessible via programmable 4 to 8 user code (keyless entry). 12. 50 different user codes can be programmed and deleted as desired for service personnel, office staff or guests. 1. INSTALLING INTERIOR ASSEMBLY (CONT.) Override Access Key Exterior Assembly Interior Assembly Interior Knob Battery Cover Light Indicator Keypad Cross shaped spindle connector will be at the bottom of the Deadbolt Latch Set (Figure 1a). Page 1 Models 8732001, 8732101, 8732301, 8732401 Read this manual carefully before installing and operating! Electronic entry lock with knob (60 pages) Locks Honeywell 5108 Manual. To lock press and then press “ 1234” to unlock. TO CONVERT FROM 2-3/8” (60mm) BACKSET TO 2-3/4” (70mm) BACKSET a. b. The Latch should move smoothly. Testing Lock With the Door Open a. This electronic entry knob suits a range of doors and home decor styles. Traditional key access is available as well.

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