how to build a homemade electric motor

I could have sent it for 3D printing out of plastic. In addition there was a far wider range of motors available at 48V. If it doesn’t go check your connections and wiring. Materials. Usually, when you think of Hybrids or electric vehicles, you think of tiny, two seater geek-mobiles or soccer moms in awkward chunky cars with cup holders full of pumpkin spice latte. At this point the motor, donor engine and driveshaft are all connected, so to avoid accidents with a fast-spinning prop it’s a good idea to remove the propeller and not replace it until you’re going to use the motor in water. They are programmed from a PC using a language derived from C (you’ll need to know a bit about programming to know what that means). One such arrangement is shown in the schematic diagram (above) of the simplest possible control system. Tape the pencils in a two by two cluster. I settled on a power of about 1kW because it is significantly more than two rowers could achieve and would result in either a fast dinghy, or a dinghy with significant reserve power. I then sent this to a laser cutting company, who cut it out of 10mm thick aluminium for around £25. 2. He bought Radioactivity, a UFO 27 which he cruises and races, in 2015. Transition plate and connection between electric motor and outboard leg. The lathed spline screwed nicely into the 8mm female thread on the motor shaft, and a lock-nut completed the union. (The DC motor you made is only able to spin in one direction because its direction is determined by the poles of the permanent magnet. The vendor also sold me a ‘matched’ charger which subsequently caught fire. Cut out two circles of MDF with a diameter of 100mm x 3mm. Download Project. At the bare minimum you’ll need a good toolkit, hacksaw, files, drills, power/battery drill, lighting, workbench, soldering iron and good multimeter. AC motors are often more complex than DC motors, like the simple one you were able to make. Original cooling impeller can be discarded. I then noticed the Nextion range of graphical touch screen displays, which retail at around £16 for a 3.2in version. To embark on a project like this requires a basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics, but should be within reach of most practical people with a willingness to learn. An oscilloscope is also useful, I used a PicoScope USB-type that plugs into my laptop. The motor was around £100, the speed controller another £40. This connection needs to be secure and accurate. I decided to use the bottom end of a conventional, second-hand outboard motor as the basis of the machine. 2. Tape together four pencils. I decided on a brushless DC motor because they are generally reliable and don’t require maintenance of brushes. MacMotor also sent me a speed controller, although that later proved to be less than spectacular and I had to replace it with a larger model. In addition most controllers have a reverse function which requires connection of a switch. Connect the sensor plug on the controller to the sensor socket on the motor. A 1kWh lithium battery is roughly 20Ah at 48V – about the same amount of energy held in an 80Ah car battery at a quarter of the weight. For most people, building your own electric outboard motor is unnecessary, time consuming, and may well result in a product that is both inferior to, and more expensive than a new commercial electric outboard. And there's more for owners of sail or power: Engine mounts, bilge alarms, navigation lights and interpreting weather forecasts. Readers and experts throughout every issue of PBO. To embark on a project like this requires a basic knowledge of electronics and mechanics, but should be within reach of most practical people with a willingness to learn. You’re now able to electrically connect the components and conduct a simple test. How much is enough for a deposit when buying a boat. And the inevitable problems that emerge, some of which I’ll detail in my next article. So why did I do it? Based in Scotland, Olly enjoys the outdoors, promoting science and engineering at local schools, and running his own consultancy company, Moose Pyll Engineering. The Nextion display in particular was impenetrable as they hadn’t been around long enough for a comprehensive internet community to form – this is changing for the better. My project utilised computer control and a lot of new-to-me equipment such as touch screens, Bluetooth, Arduinos and oscilloscopes. That said, the better equipped your workshop the better the finished product is going to be and, in addition, costs will reduce because I had to have a few parts manufactured that could be made at home in a good enough workshop. To connect the motor to the driveshaft I asked a friend with a lathe to turn down the end of the approx 11mm spline and put an 8mm thread on it. and live alone and have nothing better to do with my time and money so onwards I went. Attach 8 board pins evenly around the circle for the coiling after on, make two of these totaling of 16 board pins. I used a multimeter and figured it out for myself. 3. You can substitute the pencils for a cylinder that’s roughly half an inch in diameter. The voltages are low enough that they should not present an electrocution risk but take all appropriate precautions when working with electricity and moving mechanical parts. A word of warning: neither the motor, controller, Nextion display, charger or battery came with a shred of documentation. As a display I initially intended to use a cheap, rugged, reliable two-line, 16-character LCD display of the sort that are well known to work with Arduinos. It is possible to make an electric motor go backwards as well as forwards but be cautious doing this on an engine which originally had no reverse because the gears won’t be designed to operate backwards and there won’t be a thrust bearing to keep cogs in check. It is possible to make an electric motor go backwards as well as forwards but be cautious doing this on an engine which originally had no reverse because the gears won’t be designed to operate backwards and there won’t be a thrust bearing to keep cogs in check. The battery would be separately mounted and connected via flexible electric cable. Connect the battery positive and negative to the motor controller positive and negative, and give the throttle a twist. The downside to lithium-ion is the cost. Watch this space for part 2: programming the motor’s electronic controls. !Just follow the step by step instructions and have fun by trying o… While it’s possible to get 12V motors in this power range, they would draw over 90A at full power, requiring unacceptably heavy wires. Plus weeks of your time. Connect the three thick phase wires from the motor to the appropriate colours on the motor controller. Olly Epsom is a chartered engineer specialising in renewable energy, particularly wave power. Electronic control systems would be mounted alongside the motor. These motors hardly ever fail, so if it’s not working it’s most likely the controller and the parts connected to it that are the culprits. Get every issue of PBO on Android, iPhone, iPad or desktop. Zipping around Largs with the home-built electric outboard. Olly Epsom explains how (and why!) Connect the red wire on the throttle to 5V (usually available on one of the numerous outputs of the motor controller), the black wire on the throttle controller to ground on the motor controller, and the third wire (could be any colour) to the speed input of the controller, which could also be any colour. Usually red and black (5V and ground) and green, yellow and blue (which take the signals from the three hall sensors in the motor). The motor, control systems and batteries are the main components, but figure on another £100-£200 to cover enclosures, transition pieces, wire, switches, connectors, and, of course, things going up in smoke. This electric motor is fairly simple to build and uses materials that you can probably find around the house. This should not daunt you as they are easily available.

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