how to connect microphone to mixer

If you’re recording music, or something similar, then it can make sense to invest in some better tech. If the answer is a lot then it’ll definitely be worth investing in equipment designed for karaoke. The gain knob controls the preamplifier … One thing worth considering, particularly if you’re only just starting your home theater, is how often you think you’ll be using a microphone. Step 1: Connect the Microphone(s) and Instruments to the Mixer Locate the microphone inputs and line inputs and connect to these. Your AV receiver will most likely have a “mic in” slot, and all you need to do is plug it in. Check your AV receiver, firstly to ensure it’s got a microphone input, and secondly to see if it has any microphone mixing settings. Wired or wireless generally makes little difference, but again put some thought into it. Here are some facts that should help you make the decision. Similarly, they’re much more expensive than dynamic microphones, but this is because they’re more sophisticated pieces of equipment. Over the years, I have learned a lot about AV equipment and room acoustics. If you’re happy with everything, then you’re done! Microphones commonly use XLR connectors while instruments and live-level devices use 1/4" connectors. This is usually a 1/4" connector and is connected to the input of a power amplifier(s) or powered monitor speaker(s). If you’re unsure, however, the easiest way to test (aside from plugging the microphone in) is to play a music track. Home Theater Academy is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Connecting a microphone to your home theater is really easy; most of the time it’ll simply be plug in and go. However, the harder part is making sure that it isn’t too loud compared to your master volume, and that’s why it makes sense to buy a small mixer, as this will give you more control over the microphone. Now, check the audio cables and use the two plugs that are on one end to insert into the Y adapter’s RCA jacks. For example, if you’re planning a late-night karaoke session with your friends (including some alcohol), then wireless is clearly the way forward, if only to avoid accidents. Alternatively, buy yourself a mini mixer and connect the base to that. Much like all other inputs, this should be clearly labeled, often with the abbreviation “mic”. This means that when you come to sing and you’re using surround sound speakers, the audio from your microphone will only come out of one speaker. Other uses for AUX outputs are: Connecting effects units and connecting recording devices. This is about the most straightforward way a microphone can work. After all, this is the best way to get the clearest possible vocals, even though it does mean spending a bit more money. Either way you’ll be able to use an RCA connection, and the setup is as follows: Considering each karaoke system will be different, you’ll need to play around with the audio settings slightly to get something you’re happy with. For monitor connections, use a pre-fader AUX out (often AUX ONE). Providing you’ve got all the right tech, connecting a microphone to your home theater really is that easy! As ever, make sure everything is turned off before you start. Doing so allows you to have a wild karaoke night or even record some vocals. This mini mixer on Amazon is an example of what you need, and it’s not very expensive. Power everything up and make sure your microphone is connected to its base. Depending on the age of your kit, your AV receiver should have a 3.5mm audio jack, but if it’s older it might have a slightly larger one. Do I select USB mixer? Edited Nov 12, 2015 at 15:29 UTC What if the mixer is a USB mixer and I don’t want to use the headphone/mic output on the pc? Our MIC mixers are PreSonus 1818VSL 8-ch mixers which have XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs. However, there are other ways around this, which I’ll cover in more detail later. Another piece of advice I can give that’s helpful in this situation is to try and keep the volume low on the karaoke machine and adjust it on your home theater speakers. Don't let them sell you a $1000 DJ mixer and $500 microphone - unless you are a professional DJ you do not need equipment at that level. Battery Powered Lamp That Turns on Through the Use of Magnets. Share it with us! I’ve tried connecting a microphone to my home theater both with and without a separate mixer, and it really does make a difference. Don’t forget to make a donation – the programmer deserves a little something for a program this good! Your karaoke machine will have RCA output on the back regardless of whether it has built-in speakers or not. Audio interface. Copyright © 2019 - - All Rights Reserved. Dynamic microphones work by using a wire coil to pick up vibrations caused by sound. Although the actual process of connecting a microphone to your home theater is pretty easy, there are plenty of problems that can arise. Home Theater Academy also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, ShareASale, and other sites. I’d recommend turning the volume down on both your. Connect The Two TRS Phone Connectors From the Mixer to the Audio Interface. It’ll need to be plugged into a power outlet, and then there will be a connection for your amp or receiver. When connecting, even if it won’t take much time, it’s best to do so on a full battery. Connect a microphone or instrument. The easiest way to combat feedback is to either move further away from the speakers, or turn the volume down. However, if your home theater has a specific “DVD mode”, then you probably won’t be able to. The easiest way forward is to continue using a mono microphone and just make sure you know which speaker the audio will come from. Excellent video on a strangely useful topic. Next, open up Voicemeeter (If you don’t have Voicemeeter you can download it free at and select your USB Mic as the device for channel 1. Take the wireless microphone’s base. 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