how to get rid of fruit flies

Related: Types of insects commonly found in and around the home. When the flies land on the concoction, the soap will weigh them down and they will drown. That’s not a big problem with male fruit flies. Or maybe your plague of fruit flies arrives after your basement floods. Baited traps are a good way to help catch fruit flies while the breeding sites are being located, Merchant said. Male fruit flies are food for predator insects as robber flies and yellow jackets. Either option is easy to get started relatively quickly as many of … “Another top spot a lot of people don’t think about is the bottom of the trash can. And flooding around your house can also create a haven for these flying pests. Even if you don’t want to put tomatoes and tropical fruits in the refrigerator so they will maintain their intense flavor, you do want a barrier between food and flies to stop egg laying. They are unwelcome guests on salads and fruit cups and even soft drinks and iced tea. Keeping new infestations of fruit flies out of your house is fundamental to fruit fly control. The sooner you try to stop the spread of the infestation, the easier it will be to control. Pupation is completed within four more days. The exterminator can point out special problems in the fruit and vegetable supply in your location that are causing problems in multiple homes. If fecal matter is restricted, female fruit flies can’t lay their eggs. They land on cleaning rags and mops. Viral diseases like the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and dengue fever can be spread by biting insects such as mosquitoes. The full life cycle of a fruit fly is much longer. They require no chemicals and leave a minimal environmental footprint. That’s because they don’t have teeth. “They really bother people, but aren’t really hurting anything,” he said. Once fruit flies identify your compost pile, they can become seriously problematic. Fruit flies have a long feeding tube that is ideal for sucking sugars out of fruits and vegetables, but they do not have teeth or even a mouth. A mosquito bites you to feed on your blood, and in the process of withdrawing blood from your skin, it injects the virus it picked up from the person or animal on which it fed earlier. They swim out of the rotten part of the fruit and wriggle through it to any part of the fruit that is still relatively fresh. Your exterminator will make sure that you are not giving young fruit flies a home. Small infestations of fruit flies can be controlled with easy, inorganic methods that cost almost nothing at all. “We all have an instinct to grab the Raid or a bug bomb, but we’re not going to get rid of them until we get rid of their breeding sites,” he said. Fruit flies can be a pesky pest, especially indoors. And fruit flies never quite go away on their own. Once you’ve got fruit flies, how do you actually get rid of them? If you can’t stop a dripping faucet, then part of your fruit fly control may be calling a plumber. They have the potential to carry bacterial diseases that can put your entire family at risk. Fruit flies are also attracted to beer and wine because of the fermentation, and they can turn these liquids to vinegar. A pyrethrin or pyrethroid spray will cause fruit flies to drop from the air. They can also be attracted to the organic material that is found in drains, garbage cans, and even potted plants. Once you develop an allergy to fruit flies, it tends to stay with you indefinitely, so prevention — by eliminating fruit flies — is essential. Use malathion only as a last resort, preferably allowing a licensed pest control specialist to apply it for you. Fruit flies are also a major problem for restaurants and grocery shops. AgriLife Extension office for Angelina County, 2201 S. Medford Drive, Lufkin, New AgriLife Extension fact sheet gives buzz on indoor flies, AgriLife Extension experts: Time to say ‘no’ to mosquitoes, In-person/online meeting on Neches River tributaries. Generally, they can migrate short distances to reach farms, orchards, fruit bowls, garbage disposals, bottles, and cans that have remnants of fruit juice and many other areas that are relatively moist. How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies (7 Different Methods). The infectious disease issues with fruit flies arise from their feeding habits. It’s also essential to shut down your fruit flies’ all-you-can-eat buffet. All of these methods of fruit fly control work on a small scale, but sometimes you need fruit fly control on a large scale. This is particularly true when you have trouble identifying their breeding ground and eradicating them from your space. Knowing where to look is key.”. Whatever else can be said about fruit flies, they aren’t picky eaters. Removing the breeding site is the best way to get rid of fruit flies, Merchant said. And should changing conditions bring you another fruit fly infestation, you will have had successful experience to keep fruit flies in control for the long run. When you stop seeing new fruit flies in your traps, you will know that you have your fruit fly problem under control. If you aren’t using a reputable flood restoration company with experienced follow-up care to prevent infestations of various kinds of bugs, you will almost certainly need to call experienced pest control. When do you need to call in a professional? Fruit flies can be an annoying problem year-round, but they're most common in the summer and fall, because they love ripened fruits and veggies. Fruit flies aren't a fan of clean surfaces, so make sure to wipe away crumbs and residue from sugary drinks right away. Discarding damaged fruit altogether gets rid of the fruit fly larvae. Your pest control specialist does a great job of preventing swarms of fruit flies from invading your house. Larvae feed on decaying plant material, including fruits like strawberries and bananas, and vegetables like onions and potatoes, he said. Do you really need to wage war on fruit flies? Suitable attractants for traps include apple cider vinegar, wine and bananas, he said. A scientific study has shown that the more often you are exposed to fruit fly saliva, the more likely you are to develop an allergy to fruit flies. In fact, some people have swarms of thousands of these insects in or around their compost pile if they do not take steps to prevent an infestation. The members of your family who are most likely to develop fruit fly allergies are those who can’t swat them away, such as babies and sick people. Things can get out of control pretty quickly, Troyano says. Fruit flies are relatively long-lived as flies go, usually living for 30 to 40 days. There are also chemicals that kill fruit flies. If you don’t let fruit get moldy, you deprive young fruit flies of the nourishment they need to become adult flying pests. After that period of time, they will spend approximately four more days in pupation before reaching maturity and beginning the cycle again. Y, ou can poison their water supply by closing the drain in your sink and filling it with a solution of water and bleach, about 50 times as much water as bleach. Fruit flies have also been captured and found to be carrying Staph bacteria, the bacteria that cause serious skin infections. Pyrethrins and pyrethroids come in dispensers that will release a spray every 15 minutes, but neither you nor your pets should be in the room for several hours after the last spray. Expert tips and advice.

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