how to make an electric guitar neck

It doesn’t have too many lows to speak of, but that’s not a big problem for many people. The first step is to find some plans. Generally, poplar guitars have a pretty flat frequency response. Basswood is quite light, both in sound and in color. Soft maple is a little lighter in tone and in weight. There are clearly a tone of options out there as far as guitar body woods and neck woods go. The guitar body wood and the guitar neck wood, also known as tonewood, can range in look, feel, and more importantly, sound. You’ll need to make a cavity (a hole that goes partly through the body of the guitar) … When it comes to sound, Alder is known to be a very balanced choice for the guitar’s body wood. Repeat on second edge. Here’s a rundown of each type of body wood, how it affects sound, and a few popular options to choose from. Hard ash still looks quite similar to swamp ash, despite the slight variation in sound. You may bolt the neck on, which is a simple process that makes Fender guitars easier to mass produce. Mark a line 5/8" down from the top surface of the guitar for the depth of the neck pocket (which is less than the height of the neck). Korina isn’t a very common electric guitar body wood, but it did get a pretty big break when it featured on Gibson‘s Modernistic Series of guitars in the late 1950s. Poplar is technically a hard wood, but as far as hard woods go it’s relatively soft. Electric guitar neck woods. The alternative is laminating the neck on, which is common for Gibson guitars, and it is a bit more intensive (and permanent). Here are a few guitars built with an Alder body wood: Ash isn’t as often used these days as it once was, however it’s still a very popular choice for those looking for that classic Fender sound. The electric guitar’s body wood is arguably the most important wood used in the building of a guitar, at least when it comes to the sound of the guitar. When it is used for the guitar’s body wood, however, it offers a very bright tone. Mahogany is generally harvested in Africa and Central America, and its quite a hard, heavy wood. A little sanding on a belt sander removes some thickness from the headstock and makes a nice transition from the freboard. The wood, as mentioned, is often used in multi-wood bodies, where it’s used to add some bite to guitars that otherwise are much warmer — like Basswood guitars. shape making sure you stay at least a 1/16 of an inch outside the lines except where the board ends at the nut. All Things Gear may make a commission on products sold through the links on this website. Depending on the type of guitar you made, you will take one of two methods to piece it together. Make small pilot holes in each of the marked locations to the depth of the neck plate screws minus the thickness of the neck plate. To get started, cup your hand around the neck with the sandpaper so you have contact with the entire surface area. Still, while mainly used on budget guitars, it still sounds great and is sometimes used by high-end guitar makers too — in fact, plenty of signature guitar models. Copyright © All Things Gear. Basswood comes in a variety of different species, however most of them sound and look relatively similar. Get all the latest reviews straight to your inbox. Clean up … Basswood is found on guitars all over the world, however while abundant it’s generally found on budget or midrange guitars. In this article, we’ll tackle specifically an electric guitar’s body wood. Also, mark out the shape of the neck where the neck pocket will be cut out. Ideally it can just sit in by friction. It’s a very adaptable wood, which makes it very versatile — it can be used for a range of different styles and still sound great. Are you looking for a specific combination? Mahogany is often paired with an Ebony or a Rosewood fretboard. After the glue had dried, I trimmed off the excess, and routed it flush with the neck. When it’s not, however, it generally looks pinkish. It has little grain to speak of, meaning that many guitar makers choose to paint over it or cover it up. Here are the most popular woods used in guitars. To get perfectly straight neck edges, screw a piece of MDF (approx. Poplar is surfacing as a relatively popular guitar body wood because of how affordable it is. That’s because the wood generally resonates more, is quite light, and has a very nice-looking grain. Set it up Generally speaking, hard maple is often considered too hard for guitar bodies, and as such it’s more often than not used in guitar necks. Are you building an electric guitar or trying to decide which electric guitar to buy next? Generally, basswood doesn’t offer much in the way of low end. Alder is one of the most popular electric guitar body woods today, largely because its use in Fender guitars since the 1950s. Here you should cut to the outside edge of the line making sure your cut is square to the center line. When the ash is taken from the high portion of the tree, where it’s harder, it offers a slightly brighter tone that sounds great through a distortion pedal. Most often ash is used in a single-wood body, but sometimes it can be found on multi-wood guitars too. Shimming a guitar neck in 12 easy steps Step 1. Route the body.

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