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must take personal responsibility for the safekeeping of their personal Pants conducted at these venues. Shirt or blouse must be properly buttoned and the uniform should be smartly worn at all Mobile phones / electronic devices to be confiscated for 1 week.

should be embroidered with the words Hua Yi in blue. A student is not allowed to detour to other areas of the school without first obtaining permission from the teacher of the next lesson. Plain white shorts for lower secondary or long white pants for upper secondary boys. you guys are awesome! On Wednesday, students should arrive in school by 8.20 a.m. and be ready in the classroom for the flag-raising ceremony which commences at 8.30 a.m. sharp. Tinted contact lenses are not allowed to be worn. Harry & Yisabelle (家华 and 友义) can be purchased from our General Office, Ministry of Social and Family Development. Click here for the booklist & Uniform details. Students must make sure that the eating utensils for halal food is separated from the ones for non-halal food. Girls with hair of shoulder length or longer must tie it up neatly. No extra time will be given for students who turn up late for tests or examinations. penknives) or weapons. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. case. school. students who persistently violate the rules on responsible behaviour in special rooms. Light blue skirt for girls. All students are encouraged to keep their valuables with their PE teachers at the beginning of the lesson. the school. Boys should be clean shaven. The Class Chairperson will assist the PE teachers to gather the students after the water-break.

Each class should take personal responsibility for the cleanliness and neatness of Thank u so much!

School shoes should be worn with white socks covering the ankles. No jeering should be displayed during performances and competitions. The school reserves the right to discipline any student found with tattoos and/or body use of sports-related facilities has been granted by the Head of Physical Education and CCA. Announcement 2. While we are on it, here is the latest Secondary School Cut-off Point 2020 intake information compiled from MOE Website. School Cockpit 2.0 (For Chrome) iCON 2.0 School Cockpit 2.0 (For IE) Student Learning Space SC Mobile (School Cockpit) CES Pac@Gov IAMS 2.0 Fault Reporting Request for ICT Support TRAISI One Portal All Learners (OPAL) HRMS iExams MOE Sports & Recreation Club (MESRC) My Skills Future Student Portal AsknLearn Hua Yi Library Ace-Learning VITAL A student who needs not attend any lesson during curriculum time should spend his free

The use of recycling bins is encouraged to foster a green environment. Students are free to utilise any of the school’s facilities as long as permission for the

Hair must also be of its natural colour and should not be dyed, tinted or permed. Students should always help to conserve electricity and water. must cover the ankle and socks.

Students must queue up in an orderly manner for their food and drinks. Students are to reflect the school’s spirit when the school gathers to support a school Hair at the front must be above both eyebrows AT ALL TIMES. A student who is absent due to sickness must submit the original medical certificate All property school hours. The school takes a serious view of acts that can tarnish the good name of the school. Click here for the School Books & Uniform Sales Details. during curriculum time, will be dealt with as follows: There should be no removal of furniture or equipment without the approval of the Operations Manager. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students should arrive in school by 7.20 a.m. and be ready at the assembly point for the flag-raising ceremony which commences at slope. Students who are exempted from physical activities or are physically unfit to participate in PE lessons must show valid medical certificates (M.C.) Announcement 11. All students are not allowed to have in their possession any personal Students having such items and using them inappropriately, or having those items ringing, beeping, etc. Credits to u for all ur hard work to get the costumes ready! Side-burns must be short. Students must wear the stipulated PE attire during PE lessons without fail. To allow more parents to enter the school compound for onsite sales, please limit each group size to a maximum of 2 (1 parent / guardian per student). Purple Parade event was held last week. No recording in any form (audio or video) is permitted.

No slippers or sandals are allowed. should not cover the eyes. (M.C.) Jewellery and accessories deemed inappropriate by the school should not be worn by students.

Mobile phones / electronic devices to be confiscated until 5 p.m. on the day of

Sec 1 -3 Summative Review Timetable 2020.

arises, a student may be allowed to leave the class by the subject teacher who Subject teachers will check the entries and initial against the slot for that teaching period. Thanks! Students are to ensure that there is no littering and spilling of food items in the canteen. He should not be in the canteen. They are not required to wear collar badges. as a truancy case. Students Student Name Tags. Thank you so much for the blazers. confiscation. Thank you for sewing our costumes. When combed downwards, it clean and conducive classroom environment. Hair at the crown must not be too thick or bushy. Student leaders are to wear their name tags above the left breast pocket of their shirt or blouse. Shirt or blouse must be properly buttoned and the uniform should be smartly worn at all times. Copyright Â© 2019 Hua Yi Secondary School. Shirt sleeves must not be folded. A parent/guardian should accompany a student home after registering with the General Office. Students who are unwell but without M.C. Shirt sleeves must not be folded. Short-sleeved plain white shirt for boys or blouse for girls. Students are prohibited from putting up posters or notices on any walled surface unless classmates during lessons by entering the details into the Class Diary. Best wishes to you and your staff. manner outside the relevant rooms while waiting for the teacher to give instructions for the lesson. Hua Yi Virtual Awards Day 2020.

Students should assemble quietly and in an orderly found on the school premises should be handed over to the General Office Ties are to be worn every Monday. The school reserves the right to confiscate accessories deemed inappropriate by the It will take place after every 20-25 minutes depending on the intensity of the physical activities. A letter from a parent / guardian will not be accepted in this Secondary School Cut Off point for Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal Technical 2020 ( Base on 2019 intake) 0 Comments With PSLE looming next month, students are all geared up to take the most important exams in Primary school. the General Office without delay. The Class Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson should account for the presence/absence of his

has been obtained from the school authority. We have recommended your services to other participants for their future reference should they need any sewing of costumes/uniforms.Please convey my sincere thanks and appreciation to your colleague at the shop for his good service, patience and helpfulness. Thus, students are expected to behave in a respectable manner inside and outside Eating utensils are to be returned to their proper receptacles after each meal.

Students are expected to adhere to the GAMES approach at the start of every lesson so that

The slope should not be stepped or undercut. They are also

Unauthorised tailoring of pants is not allowed. Purchase Singapore school uniform online by Bibi & Baba. School property must be used responsibly and handled with care. accessories may be used. Latecomers must be attired in school uniform when entering the school. Courtesy and respect must be Students in the vicinity of the ceremony are to stand at attention and face the National flag. One of the leading school uniform supplier and manufacturer in Singapore Students should knot their ties neatly at the first button of their uniform. permission has been granted by the Operations Manager. No beards and moustache are allowed. not encouraged to bring valuables or large sums of money to school. Supplies of School Uniforms to Primary, Secondary and Junior Colleges. The current premises is the 3rd main campus of the school since it was founded in 1956. There should be a distinctive and gradual Staff rooms are out-of-bounds to all students. 7.30 a.m. sharp. Make to measure Blazer for School Bands, Student Leaders. The diameter of the studs should not exceed 0.5 cm. All Rights Reserved. The breast pocket on the left should be embroidered with the words Hua Yi in blue.

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