importance of good organization

Each organization has its own external and internal environments that define the nature of the relationships according to its specific needs. Although it's nice to think that people are forgiving of a harried, disorganized business owner that can never seem to show up to a meeting on time with all the documentation he needs - the reality is that an organized person never has to worry about leaving a sloppy impression. Organizations are systems created to achieve common goals through people-to-people and people-to-work relationships. Time management is one of the most important skills to maintain organization in the workplace. They prefer to stay focused on one task at a time, and have always viewed the trend toward multitasking as one of the most misguided of concepts. Since the lines of communication and flow of authority are clearly identified on the organizational chart, the inter­communication is both clearer and easier and it eliminates ambiguity. 8 Quantitative Standards against which Performance can be measured in an Organization. Unity of Command and Direction 7. Since the goals are clearly established and resources clearly identified, both short term as well as strategic planning becomes more focused and realistic and such planning contains the provision to permit changes to be made in the right direction including expansion and contraction of facilities, operations and activities when it becomes necessary. It has a built-in system of “checks and balances” so that the progress towards the attainment of objectives is evaluated along the way so that any required adjustments can be made and any new decisions required can be taken. Marie Huntington has been a legal and business writer since 2002 with articles appearing on various websites. Not only that, but a winning corporate culture has been shown to improve levels of employee engagement, productivity and performance. Organizations can easily meet the challenges and can expand their activities in a planned manner. 1. Some of the beneficial outcomes of optimally designed organizational structures are: While there are many different structures that organizations can adopt, depending upon the type of organization including whether it is a service organization or a manufacturing organization, a well structured organization has many benefits. How to Give Writing Feedback That’s Constructive, Not Crushing, 3 Ways to Master the Power of Empathy in Your Writing. The article begins with the most newsworthy information (who, what, when, where, why, and how), builds on that with essential details, and concludes with general or background info. That intrinsic motivation is what inspires employees to engage deeply with their work. Stress comes with the responsibility of owning a small business. That said, know your audience. It’s no surprise that winning organizational cultures lead to high levels of workforce engagement. A weak or negative company culture will cause employees to look elsewhere for work, but a strong culture will keep them around. Many small business owners are natural goal setters, always thinking ahead to what they want to accomplish today, tomorrow, next week, next month and beyond. How she defines balance is beside the point; it's the ability to enjoy pursuits away from the workplace that matter. Organisation is one of the basic functions of management. Here are four excellent ways to organize. It helps people find information and items faster, and it allows groups to work together without wasting time. Good organizational skills naturally feed productivity, enabling small business owners to cross off more items from their to-do lists. Furthermore, 76% of workers see the impact that company culture has on their productivity and 74% report a winning organizational culture improves their ability to serve their customers. Our brains love lists, and media outlets like BuzzFeed and its contemporaries have capitalized on their tendency to draw us in and hold our attention. This should come as good news to disorganized small business owners, especially when you consider that 10 dividends can flow directly from this one powerhouse ability. Another major impact of sharing best practices in an organization is that it helps managers recognize existing knowledge gaps within the company and admins identify which content is being accessed the most. 65% of employees say that their company’s culture is a key factor when deciding to stay at their job. Your corporate culture needs to be diligently maintained and improved upon when required. From establishing a brand identity to uniting coworkers and increasing employee engagement, a healthy company culture can have a huge positive impact on your organization. These “uber organizers” make setting priorities look effortless but, in truth, it took time, commitment and discipline to hone their organizational skills. This, ultimately, leads to improvement in the productivity of an organization. Often known as a “listicle,” numbered lists are a popular type of content. Aside from making your article more readable, organization can make it more attractive. With good leadership, organizational culture is not forced but developed. Organizing creates the framework needed to reach a company's objectives and goals. For instance, setting up a good work schedule enables you to not only organize your work projects, but also to organize how you will mentally manage your time and react to the stressful situations in the workplace. Small business owners can no more avoid stress than they can add hours to the day. Winning organizational cultures prioritize employees and their relationship to the company and its goals, which creates a positive employee experience. It’s a big task, but dedicating the time and resources to create a company culture that’s true to who your team is and where you’re headed will attract the best people for the job and propel your organization in the right direction. A comprehensive approach to organizing helps the management in many ways. When items are organized, finding them is easier, and the time is takes to organize a home or office will save time that … If your company culture prioritizes teamwork, but an individual prefers to work independently, they’re probably not going to be content at your company. If your company culture prioritizes teamwork, but an individual prefers to work independently, they’re probably not going to be content at your company. Strong corporate cultures give employees a cause to rally behind and purpose to do so passionately. It brings together various departments by grouping similar and related jobs under a single... Resource Optimization. This isn't a math equation, but it could be: prioritizing + focus = greater productivity. Companies with winning organizational cultures have 72% higher employee engagement ratings than organizations with weak cultures. A strong candidate experience starts with your company culture. Everyone understands the vision and goals of the organization, and everyone has input into how they can be improved. In a good organizational structure, the conflicts between individuals over jurisdiction are kept to a … It's often triggered by “technical difficulties” such as misplaced papers, lost contact information, forgotten meeting times and missed conference calls. What’s the clearest way to present your information? Organization is important because it allows individuals and groups to perform tasks more efficiently. Organization Breeds Confidence Most adults know that good things spring from confidence, including energy, enthusiasm, determination and a positive attitude… Company Culture Increases Employee Engagement, Employee engagement is defined as the extent to which an employee is passionate about, motivated by and connected to their work and company. Super organizers are easy to spot at business meetings: they're the ones who check their electronic organizer and, if you really want to know, can tell you exactly what appointments they had yesterday, what assignments they have due today (and at what time) and what's on tap for tomorrow. 3. Managing one’s time simply involves designating enough time in a work day to complete projects and setting up practical and useful work schedules. An organized business owner can significantly ratchet down the stress by eliminating the natural stressors that accompany a disorganized, disconnected and yes, sometimes, dysfunctional work life. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords for better SEO impact. Employee engagement is defined as the extent to which an employee is passionate about, motivated by and connected to their work and company. They are essentially social entities that are goal-directed, deliberately structured for coordinated activity systems, and is linked to the external environment. The importance of sound organisational structure can hardly be over emphasized. Because of marketing strategy, you are able to stay ahead of your competitors or at least you are able to beat the competitors who are below you in market standing. A strong corporate culture will entice equally motivated candidates that will add to your company’s culture and improve business. Company Culture Can Increase Productivity, Your organizational culture has a lot to do with your employees’ satisfaction and engagement. Developing skill of coordination: The procedure of communication helps in developing coordination …

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