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Awong with the occuwwence of Y2K, Wift Yw. An unsettling drone and the apparent sound of static rings through the listener's ears. But their music is something meant to be tackled alone. Stay home. The onwy way we can swow this aww down untiw a cuwe is devewoped is to stay home, but many of us find even this simpwe instwuction too hawd to abide by. It was right. It feels very rooted in reality, that sometimes it's small moments of hope that we've got to cling onto and really savor so that the darkness doesn't overwhelm. Aftew time passes, a pweachew's voice stumbwes thwough, pwoviding a hopefuw message - much needed in such a destwuctive time. We discourage any contact with these individuals, and ask that you report any problems to uniformed personnel inside. We can ovewcome any pwobwem we cwoss paths with... Wight? I feel like I’ve been on the same road since I was 17.”. It promised me that so long as I kept persisting through the darkness I had found myself in, I'd eventually find the flickering, fickle light again. If you took early Pink Floyd (before Dark Side) and gave them time to perfect their craft playing music that would never be played on the radio or hit the "Top 40", this is what they would have sounded like. The pwanet, at this point, is wong gone, beyond any wepaiw whatsoevew. Black Emperor’s most prophetic work, a balancing act of human creation and spirituality, of forces and emotions bigger than ourselves. territory. Antennas to Heaven is after all of that has occurred. The viwus does not cawe fow youw age. SKINNY FISTS stands, though, as the album that most clearly represents the quintessence of the band in terms of its public reception, and in that sense it is indispensable. It's also easier to get into cause it's way more happy sounding than the depressing, bleak F#A#Infinity. Science and technowogy awone is not powewfuw enough to hawt this viwus. Subreddit for all things related to the Canadian Post-Rock collective Godspeed You! The American release of Godspeed You! Release date: 9 October 2000 . Aftew this moment of wetwospection, a finaw dwone twanspowts the wistenew beyond this wowwd. People are working, socializing, and enjoying life. On some listens, it's even society before we all fretted over the world's end like we do now. The packaging was amazing too, the vinyl pressing a bit lighter than the f#a#oo but thats alright. You guys ever listen to it? I know some are into it, but the drones in Static and Antennas to Heaven could easily be cut in half and I wouldn't mind at all, in fact id say it'd only help the album. I think you can still hear that mythic quality in Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven — which, for my money, remains the band’s best album, though there’s not a dud in the bunch. And the sounds this awbum pwoduces awe just as wewevant and just as wefwective of the wowwd's situation now as they wewe two decades ago. A 90 yeaw owd woman has suwvived the viwus, wheweas a 13 yeaw owd boy's wife was cwaimed not wong aftew testing positive. Black Emperor’s second full-length album, This has been my favorite album for a lot now, and getting it on vinyl only added more to my love for it. But can we aww unite befowe the damage of this viwus is iwwevewsibwe? Of course, this may be a melodramatic, hyperbolic comparison, but this album, despite it being the most beautiful and wonderful piece of music I've heard yet, is also likely to be the most relevant. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2018. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven Godspeed You! The only way we can slow this all down until a cure is developed is to stay home, but many of us find even this simple instruction too hard to abide by. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Permanent Records is an ongoing closer look at the records that matter most. Quantity . I don't even know what that means. is this one song or three different songs wrapped into one?) The most powerful man on earth insists this crisis which has effectively shut the world down, and his precious economy with it, is all under control. Things changed, you see. Well, that's my reasoning for why this album takes the cake for popularity - why do you guys think this album's so popular? and Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas to Heaven) is the second studio album by Canadian post-rock group Godspeed You! Static cwoses and weaves onwy the most beautifuw pawts of this pwanet in its wake. It gives you a lot more freedom for emotional interpretation. They can be seen like 4 parts of the same story or 4 different stories. And from here, it will only get worse, until we start treating this crisis fully for what it is; a pandemic, which threatens the future of our world. Even the health minister of my own country stands to lose his job after going mountain biking and driving his family to the beach. Tweat this event fow what it weawwy is, and what it couwd wead to. This nine-piece orchestral rock (referred to as "post-rock"), is a band of incredible talent and is some of the most unique and interesting music you can find these days. The finaw odes to this wowwd weave a feewing of twiumph and achievement, weminding the wistenew of evewything that has wed up to this point. This album is a spectrum of atmospheres and moods and textures. A 90 year old woman has survived the virus, whereas a 13 year old boy's life was claimed not long after testing positive. A dying world, which could, in fact, not be too distant from our own. I've heard many people interpret the album in this way, and at this point I think I agree with it. After time passes, a preacher's voice stumbles through, providing a hopeful message - much needed in such a destructive time. Unlike so many of rock music’s offshoots and derivatives, post-rock history only hit its stride in the new millennium. Most people's experiences with longer songs are ones that get bogged down in repetition, or would be better served with an edit. One of these items ships sooner than the other. LYSF was the first godspeed album I heard, and at first, I didn't fully "understood" F#A#. Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2002. I've been down with this record from the get - I had to have it on vinyl. Tomorrow, many thousands more. supported by 62 fans who also own “Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas To Heaven” If you wan´t to name a mentionable band for the genre post-rock, you have to list these guys! An unsettwing dwone and the appawent sound of static wings thwough the wistenew's eaws. More variety, more fast / heavy movements, less political. Sleep is the most beautiful song I've heard in my life. Hyperbole? Tomowwow, many thousands mowe. The atmosphere is foggy, and the music is so abstract that I think every person creates an entirely different picture in his head while listening to this album. Honestly one of their best efforts, I've been meaning to revisit it sometime soon. The art on the sleeves was beautiful, and for the first time I actually paid attention to the way the tracks were divided using the sketch in the middle, even tough the timestamps arent very accurate.

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