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If you get very, very lucky the AI will move 1 army to colonize the ruins to the east and you can get Skrolk in a 1 v 1 battle and then just face the garrison and 2-3 turns later a much weaker Skaven army that isn't fully replenished from colonizing but that is rare. I should have had a second lord with some units and i would probably have won against the rebels, just really the skaven magic that wrecked my garrison army. Rebellions still happen like each other turn, but a second lord in Oxyl with 3 corsairs and 3 darkshards farms them for money. I must reiterate that I have no idea what to do besides consolidating your starting province ASAP. Sounds good. Fixed an issue where Tehenhauin, Tiktaq’to and Ikit Claw were not appearing in the game guide. Not so Lokhir Fellheart -- he was born to ply the rolling seas, to bring fire and terror to the shores of other lands. Skrolk retreated when i attacked Oyxl, so i only had the garrison to deal with, then he attacked me afterwards and got killed,destroying the Pestilens faction. He’s got a badass blue dragon named Maelstrom though and he’s pretty beastly on his own. Seen a lot of rave reviews and enjoying the vampire coast playthroughs myself, but wondering if its worth another roll on a dark elves campaign once ive completed my current mortal empires campaign on noctilus (have also already finished a vortex with harkon). I had a ton of fun just leaving chupayotl and sailing straight north to Ulthuan and taking the shrine of asuryan ASAP. The start was very hard though with constant Skaven rebellions and Clan Eshin being annoying af. Some Dark Elves take to the seas in search of plunder or revenge, but many more do so to escape the dangers of Naggaroth. How is Lokhir Fellheart to play? All he does is buffing black ark corsairs. Red Blades is a weapon item introduced in Total War: Warhammer II. CA should give him more corsair and kharibdyss / hydra flavor through lord skills and … Lokhir needs high sea, storm and reef immunity to match the trait for killing him. You should be able to wreck Teclis' army before the reinforcing garrison arrives. I've met him halfway with a full stack of my own and reinforcing black ark carrying a corsair or three. Lokhir Fellheart and Drane Brackblood take the fleets of the dark elves and start causing massive damage on their opponents. Perhaps if i had a lord with some units rather than just the garrison, it would have held, but i had no money for that due to building Lokhirs stack to fight off Eshin. My third and current attempt is ongoing at turn 24, but pretty boring so far. I would think your best bet is to try for an immediate KO punch on Teclis. #4. First take the settlement in the province that Eschin has, then immediately settle in the ruined settlement also in the province. All ive seen him do in my campaigns is get stomped by Khalida in vortex and Teclis in ME, Well he has black arks for days, and he is swell in combat. This mechanic was also why I enjoyed my Norsca play throughs so much too. The autoresolve looks horrible but is very easily winnable. So 3 at the same time, with not much money. You don't need friends! Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others. Finally I murder teclis. Im on my third shot at this now, but how do you open with Lokhir Fellheart in mortal empires map? Ive tried some early recruitment and going straight for the capital Oxyl, thinking its only some skaven. Usually Teclic will DoW and sail south at some point and there will be a rebellion in Chupayotl- rebellions are actually good early on because losing 25% of slaves doesn't matter while getting gold and XP does matter alot. I didn't expand from this situation until about turn 30. Quest actually got aborted which I assume is a bug. I carefully maneuvered my main stack and smaller army of about 5 units to make sure he couldn't sail to and take anything I own, and he eventually retreated because of attrition. I think it was the turn after i captured it, they had a full stack move nearby, so i couldnt leave untill defeating them, meanwhile the rebels spawned. As a lord there’s nothing too special about him, but I do like his focus on Black Arks, because all my other DE campaigns have just been: Kick the shut out of Tyrion So having a lord that rewards taking major ports changes how I play the race, which is something I always love. In battle Lokhir leads from the front, where his phenomenal athleticism and powerful magical swords give him the advantage over any foe. Seeing lots of VC campaign reviews but havent seen any talk about Fellhearts campaign. Did Eshin not move on Marks when you took it? A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. This seems like it would be the best way to capture the starting province if you can fend off the various factions, might give it another try and see. This sounds an interesting change, might give it a shot next time. Alternatively you could just let it all burn and sail off lol, Just updated my op with that very same thought, sail off somewhere nicer :). That failed horribly. Codex: Deathwatch allows you to field what could well be Warhammer 40,000’s most versatile army, featuring Mission Tactics, Stratagems and an expanded list of weapons that can use Special Issue Ammunition, allowing your units to take out nearly any xenos … I love having options, it's a bit annoying when you like HAVE to take territory or take certain land just to get a decent start to a campaign. Or am I missing something.. Just started playing as him. Or is it just me?? That went reasonably well, but public order became a problem, and rebels took Chupayotl and bankrupted me. Then I sail off to the skaven settlement that is in Teclis' province. I took two Dark Riders to keep Teclis from hiding in the back, so Lokhir could kill him quickly. Still need to try out the other suggestions of taking Star Tower to compare. You can make peace with Eschin after allying with Skrolk and he might too, and then I was even able to make a trade deal with Eschin and Skrolk did the same and we're all good now. Jaded . As with most hard difficuly starting factions in the game, don't be afraid to sack and raid as you need. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Just roleplay him...like use only corsairs...a lot of corsairs...I mean really A LOT of corsairs.... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. For me I started to make my way to to the settlement next to Teclis (can't remember the name off the top of my head) as I keep moving I recruit Corsairs. Can’t complain because he is free, but still, we’ve seen better. Signed that, so now im all secure, with just mangrove coast left to colonise to give me a secure starting province. Ive tried some early recruitment and going straight for the capital Oxyl, thinking its only some skaven. pursuing diplomacy and then breaking them a turn after is ok if it means you won't be attacked in a place you can't defend. Ive got Chupayotl fully walled now, but Eshin invited the Loremasters to fight me, so ive had to sit my stack in it for the past 20 odd turns. Seen a lot of rave reviews and enjoying the vampire coast playthroughs myself, but wondering if its worth another roll on a dark elves campaign once ive completed my current mortal empires campaign on noctilus (have also already finished a vortex with harkon). So ive tried this again, and it has went better. After that going for Luthor Harkon is usually best as Vampiric corruption is annoying unless you want to farm rebellions which if you concentrate all slaves in your starting province can be valid but feels too gamey to me.

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