mineral oil pc kit 2020

Puget Systems' team of engineers have devised a unique new way of combining the non-corrosive, cooling benefits of mineral-oil submersion with a fun new look of an aquarium on the desktop. really if it wasnt for the guns and crap i would have never let them have all my stuff, thankfully im able to use my box of goo memory here at home and have made a few for friends. Sponsored Post: HP OMEN Desktops with AMD Hardware Hit the Sweet Spot for Gamers, AT Deals: SanDisk Ultra 3D 4TB SSD $399 at Amazon, Intel’s New eASIC N5X Series: Hardened Security for 5G and AI Through Structured ASICs, “Microsoft Pluton Hardware Security Coming to Our CPUs”: AMD, Intel, Qualcomm, AT Deals: Ryzen 9 3900X Processor is $419 at Newegg. I've always found i… https://t.co/2qGkXGKhfv, @davezatz I am curious about the total area of the roof, the cost (inclusive of the Powerwalls), and the lead time… https://t.co/Xx4vky7YCq, @TechTeamGB He didn't realise it was a locking connector and just yanked it. You should patent a Aquarium PC without the Mineral oil, so liquidcool Solutions can't do anything. Here at Puget Systems, this project has never been motivated by profits. Mineral Oil Submerged PC: The following link is a tutorial on how to submerge a PC in an aquarium filled with mineral oil. Good afternoon everybody! Watercooling is expensive for mainly that reason. At its peak, the Dutch East India Co was worth today's equivalent of 8 trillion dollars. If so, it should expire in 2028-07-22 I think. We appreciate your support, but it is just not a fight worth having to us. One of the biggest problem today is the money that it takes to get a patent and how you have to jump through flaming hoops. What would happen if a person with one of these systems reversed engineered drawing from your kit then released them public. and the patent linked above is the wrong one. I'm so sorry this happened to you guys. BTW, did they file for such patent internationally ? F or cooling purposes, our computers come with cooling fans. Therefore there is no question, legally speaking, that no patent has been infringed. Super sorry this happened to the company; it's so heartbreaking. To me computers, are more than just technology; they are form of art and passion. The concept is similar to a simple mineral oil or thermal cycling PC, however GIGABYTE doubled up on immiscible liquids by also adding a fish tank in the top half of a bifurcated system. Well then we just have to make our own blueprints and post it somewhere. America is such a corporatist corrupt 3rd world shithole sometimes. I really want this kit :( like it much. I am very upset about the shut down of the kit but planned on making my own one piece tank and motherboard tray anyway out of semi-rigid polyurethane, but your specifications were my greatest inspiration. Prior art searches are usually limited to certain channels, such as prior patents, scientific publications, etc. $117.05. Unless they also offer a kit, which they do not, you are free to use the IP. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If this had not come up I believe we would still be selling the kits, but with us having ceased production of the tanks (we used aquariums originally, but the models we used went out of production and so we had to start contracting with a company to make tanks the right size and strength) and having emptied our inventory of related parts... it would take a lot of effort to get it all going again. But they're intended for unique ideas. The first oil cooled PC i built (I did wihth your kit) changed my life. I really need your System, ist fkn awesome. I'm sure it would pass by the patent bullshit if it was given away free? This was just a fun project for them, not their business. Rakeesh you are so right. Just sell it as a open air test bench. and doing it from scratch? I don't know if you can, but what if you released a PDFs of the plans? Transfer heat to oil Heat generated by the PC is transferred into the mineral oil at a rate over 5 times better than air. I also left your name out Puget. Even if we had all the monetary costs covered, somehow, it would still be a big commitment of our time and focus. NOOOOOOOOO. Capitalism is where access to trade is controlled by private owners for profit, in this case it fits. Remove the gimmicky fish and fish tank, use a better heat-conducting and -radiating case made from (corrugated?) Although it seems heavier still. A leak begin to happen after this incident, and it was hard to locate. I want a decent but of flow. Well, you can always hold onto your tech, tweak it in secret, and wait until the patents expire. The whole point of this is to be a DIY project. Furthermore, the colonists at the time were already used to dealing with a trade monopoly of their own, enforced by the crown, and they hated it. I will be more than happy to donate. Where can I find such a large radiator? See what desktops we recommend for a variety of uses. LinusTechTips has a lot of really good information if you are going to try to build your own mineral oil cooled system from scratch, but they didn't really start from scratch. You don't have one. Corporations aren't compatible with capitalism either nor is government. Im really bummin cuz i was hoping to do one of these kit builds next summer. It is an interesting idea, especially when dealing with non-traditional liquids. I don't believe that developers and enthusiasts should have to pay for PATTON TROLLS. The patent system has been broken for a long time. I have a comment and a question. Too bad they were allowed to patent this in the first place. I have just recently filed my patents. Under certain types… https://t.co/DVs6Dpw0kI, RT @anandtech: Compact ✅ Very sad I didn't get to buy one before you stopped selling them. Can you please make the designs availible for 3D printing? Im just wondering if you could find a standard type aquarium that could be had anywhere and just make a motherboard tray that will fit into the standard aquarium? capitalism is a economic system, it has a sense of private property etc that could never exist within anarchy. If the above statement is true , May you give back to the enthusiast community ,at least some of the "How to" & "Know how". With over 1 million views online, the Puget Systems Aquarium PC YouTube video demonstrates, with some innovative thinking, how easy it is to create a unique and fun new look to a personal computer. I very fondly remember reading all about this project and being excited for updates. Monopoly's are illegal too. If I am correct was created by congress and given a set of rules to work by but also they gave them a level of autonomy. The concept is similar to a simple mineral oil or thermal cycling PC, however GIGABYTE doubled up on immiscible liquids by also adding a fish tank in the top half of a bifurcated system. Wow, what a dbag move from LiquidCool Solutions. I apologize for any confusion I've caused and I thank you very much for reading my comment! True. In the meantime, could one use that massive 3 x 3 radiator in a standard water cooled setup? I suspect I'll definitely make a go at a DIY version at some point. Add To Cart. I'm sure you can find better prior art on casemodding forums. $40.60. That pump should work just fine. It is a shame to see another innovator in immersion tech get pushed about. I might be able to find a lawyer who could take this up if I ask around.

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