most expensive ravnica allegiance cards

Gruul Spellbreaker is an elegant way to stop Settle the Wreckage But finally, finally, a hard wrath has returned to Standard (and it even has the word “wrath” in it!). Its power also comes from the ability to ignore timing restrictions, allowing you to blow up a threat and flash in a planeswalker or a Niv-Mizzet on your opponent’s end step. Judith encourages building us to build our sacrifice deck a bit differently than we’ve done in the past. If you land it and win a combat, having a +1/+2 and vigilance left over is huge. Sphinx is a bit expensive for my tastes, and my tastes do run expensive. In a close race this will often gain you a good amount of life (or force the opponent to take a turn off of playing spells). Lavinia, Azorius Renegade is a hard-to-cast bear in Limited, and that’s about the end of it. Because of the steep cost, you can’t just throw Priest of Forgotten Gods in your deck, but it’s a potent engine when it works. What cards are on your Top 8 list? First, we have to give Electrodominance a nod for its possibilities in older formats. It’s not subtle, you don’t have to find the perfect shell to make it work, and you don’t have to try all that hard to combo with it. I have this a little higher than tricks like these tend to be for a couple of reasons. The opponent’s worst creature is often pretty bad, and especially at 3 mana, this will trade down for a 2-drop all too often. It’s just so efficient, and often trades up in mana and leaves you with a 1/1 flyer. You can trade it off and get it back without too much trouble, and it’s efficient enough that you don’t even need to return it to get your money’s worth. That said, you can put something large into play or cast Emergency Powers at the end of the opponent’s turn, and both of those break the symmetry somewhat. If you’ve got a Gruul deck with a lot of 4-power creatures, Territorial Boar is an exciting way to put pressure on the opponent. is huge before it adapts, immense once it does, and can even give other creatures trample (while trampling itself). I like this as a control finisher, but sideboard it out if your opponent has answers that don’t kill it. That’s a lot of action for 2 mana, and I’m always happy running this one. Perfect for multiple deck archetypes, Wilderness Reclamation opens up a ton of additional options for how you approach a game. Trollbred Guardian It’s not a catastrophe if you have to run this, but it sure isn’t good. This is a really good dog. I’m a big fan of this—it’s got exactly the qualities I look for in a spectacle card. A 2/4 for 4 impacts the board enough that I would be fine running this with just a few afterlife cards, and once you have 4+ then Teysa becomes quite good. is expensive, and quite vulnerable to bounce and exile effects. This card is sweet. You can even attack with this when they have two blockers, and they will often be forced to block this and let everything else through, which turns into a ton of damage. I’ve been impressed with this so far (watching people play Sealed on Twitch), as this mostly leads to a nice smashing indeed. Let’s just leave the Erstwhile asleep, shall we? Vizkopa Vampire Magic: The Gathering - Guilds of Ravnica … It’s either a 3/3 haste or 4/4, both of which have trample, and in case that wasn’t enough, this has a pump ability. I’d be fine speculating on this in general, and would be excited to have it in most Gruul decks and some Rakdos decks. The combo with High Alert It leaves you with some afterlife tokens, and often the opponent will have to overextend into your afterlife cards to begin with. I love this as a Gate deck payoff. There are a lot of good bears in this set, and this one is giving out free hugs. Given how many +1/+1 counters are floating around, I think this card is going to crush. Follow Us. This is the bread and butter of blue commons, just disgustingly eel-flavored. Either way, you’re getting a good deal for 5 mana. When it’s good, it will often be great, as you can easily get a 2- or 3-for-1 in combat. Judith helps to breathe life into the possibility of a sacrifice-based deck in Standard. Prereleases are happening January 19th - 20th. That gives you a good window to play the cards, including lands, and makes it closer to Divination with upside than worse than Divination. Instant-speed unconditional removal for 3 mana is a steal, and this even shuts off activated abilities. There are a lot of Red X removal spells, but Electrodominance might be one of the best. Still, if you cast this for 1 mana it’s very powerful, and note that this lasts until the end of your next turn. This is a very powerful card and both sides are aggressively costed. A 4-mana 2/3 flyer needs a little extra punch to get it over the line, and sometimes gaining 2 isn’t quite it. Experimental Frenzy wants to be in decks with low land counts and high numbers of one- and two-mana spells. I wouldn’t go too far in changing what creatures I play because of this, but it does get worse if you’ve got a bunch of 1/1s in your deck. Once you’re looking at 9+ blue sources, I’d bump this up a little, but early in the Draft I wouldn’t prioritize it. Mark my words—this is the real deal. The floor on this is pretty high—it’s a 3/3 for 4, which is at least a card. Given how difficult it is to ramp in most decks containing white, Smothering Tithe pretty much guarantees the controller three extra mana by turn three. This would make me prioritize adapt creatures a little more, though it works out fine with riot creatures too. drops the hammer on them. The non-red ones are better, as the red decks are often lower to the ground, but all of them have their uses. I like this little guy (though he’d probably poke me for saying that). This will usually trade up in mana and often get extra damage through, and is both a finisher and a defensive measure. Dovin can run away with a game quickly, and gets a high rating as a result. In a normal Rakdos deck, I’m less sold, as it won’t have as many good options to devour. I like this more in aggro than control, but it’s good in both. I like Tome of the Guildpact. It always provides value, and vigilance means that it can hit for 2 a turn while still defending you, which is relevant on a creature the opponent won’t want to trade with. It’s either a combat trick that offers a 2-for-1, or a way to lock down an opposing creature without losing a card. The first is that it costs 2 instead of the usual 3, which is a real step forward. Your creatures are bigger so they can’t be ignored, and when they do trade off you get to distribute a bunch of pings. Here are some things you can do at instant speed with ten mana on Turn 5, even ignoring any kind of Growth Spiral/Gift of Paradise starts: With six lands, you can end-of-turn Electrodominance into the two most expensive cards in Standard, Apex of Power and Omniscience. Clean, efficient removal that gets around afterlife? I’ve read this story, and it doesn’t end well. You also get a 3/5 body out of the deal, which is pretty great considering you already got value from the mana ramp. This rating is predicated on you being red-green, because in Rakdos this is a 1.5 at best. That’s a ton of action for 4 mana, and this is easily the best ofthe cycle. I don’t care whether you have white mana or not because giving it vigilance is essentially meaningless, so this is actually just a mono-blue card.

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