my job is killing me but i can't quit

If this sounds like an average day of contemplation at your current job, you aren’t the only one. The uncertainty doesn’t scare me. My experiments weren’t working and I was told it was because I wasn’t trying hard enough; my students loved me but I was told I was a terrible TA who couldn’t do anything right; I gave a presentation that the other grad students praised and offered me help with my floundering project, and I was scolded for revealing that my work wasn’t successful and making the lab look bad. But! Sock away as much money into savings as you can and build yourself a financial cushion in case it takes a while for you to find another job. I wish I could go to my doctor or at least a doctor that knows me and my story but sadly they're in my hometown. She talks a lot about how introverts can work with our personality type, rather than against it, to succeed in fields that we usually think of as requiring more extroverted personalities — including law. September 8, 2012 is quitting day. 10 hours a week applying to jobs Not sticking it out in your crappy job. While he has been supportive of me in the past when I have made mistakes or exposed my issues with depression & anxiety, I also know he has a vindictive streak and is prone to gaslighting. What’s left of me? The lab left me to my own devises to try and figure out how to conduct an experiment on this massive, incredibly expensive piece of technology. Maybe the bad job is interacting with a depressive episode or some anxiety issues or things going wrong in other parts of your life. Run us out on rails! Even though sometimes we can’t be happy, and sometimes shitty things we can’t control make it impossible to be happy, we all still DESERVE it. I have a very specialized job in a small niche. I second the recommendation that you look at the things you can do with a law degree other than practice law. Tell her about what you WANT to do now (not what you hate about current sucky job)! Have lots of sex with your awesome husband. Speaking of impostor syndrome, here’s a Twitter conversation between two people of my acquaintance who are very well-known and well-respected in their field. I need an independent perspective on all of this, because mine is totally screwed. “Rather than try to understand why I didn’t want a PhD… or the reasons behind me taking this leap of faith to work for myself, she said nothing,” Kimberly wrote. Mein Beileid:p. Hey viel Glück heute abend! You really don’t owe your current employers anything other than an appropriate amount of notice. That’s how you learn. 3. My brother didn’t know what to say, what to do. Take care of your emotional health! And thinking about how I am going to work like this for the next 40-50 years? I also have a law degree but knew in law school – despite wild dreams of being Atticus Finch – I didn’t want to be a lawyer. Hey, you can still get hideously lost and end up in a town full of cows with GPS! When I started grad school, I’d taken the summer off and in that time the fun lab I’d been working in since undergrad had somehow metamorphosized into a soul-crushing pit. I just learned to live with it and soon embraced the same. Maybe your workplace is more abusive/hostile than you realize/acknowledge right now. “Or,” a ghost whispers in my ear, “are you just taking the easy way out? For another, you DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. That I’m not itching for life, and I might be itching for the opposite instead. Good luck figuring it out.”. I’m just saying, when you know you’re leaving a job soon, you make discreet moves to set things up to function without your personal presence, and that’s a kindness whether or not anyone else realizes yet that that’s what you’re doing. Another reason you feel like you can’t quit the job you hate is that you can’t make as much in a new job as you do in your current job. The worst part was everyone in the lab was so upset, no one talked to me for almost 3 months. 4. If this sounds like an average day of contemplation at your current job, you aren’t the only one. This is not your problem. Please stop expecting me to answer your emails. That’s how we’ve survived as a people. a month off and just heal from everything, “grilled cheese of temporary toleration and eventual abandonment”,, Follow on Many Jedi Hugs from me to you. Not a substitute for actual therapy, but it was very helpful for me. Explore the reasons why you can’t quit, because it’s possible that your underlying reason is actually a “should.” And you might want to explore other opportunities. It forced me out of the rut and now I’m in a job with a boss that actually *gasp* cares about my well-being. My lips were swollen, I felt uneasy, fidgety, anxious, and just ugly. The tweets: @WhatsARyanFor. — else. My professional life is killing me but I can't quit my job. A mutually supportive community where deeply emotional things you can't tell people you know can be told. I totally agree with all of the Captain’s advice. Trust your husband’s safety net and JUMP. Your husband is supporting you emotionally, in some way, right now when you feel like crap in your current job. Every job I’ve ever had sounded way too hard for me, and it turns out they really REALLY weren’t. See if you feel better knowing there is an end date to all of this. This time I will pull it through but it always ended the same way. (I also see a counselor regularly to work on my self-doubt issues.). As news of my leaving spread around the newsroom, colleagues have asked where I’m headed next, some expecting me to say I’ve got a great gig lined up with better pay, better visibility, more power. I could take medical leave for a few weeks but I would have to convince my doctor to write a note for that since it's a big deal. I have a feeling that you will find CBT skills (or other behavioral therapy skills, there are lots of flavors these days, one is bound to taste yummy to you!) Since you replaced me, you are aware of this. I tried several medications and even marijuana. Also, I don’t know the nature or severity of the mistakes you’ve made on the job, and I agree with others who suspect you’re being unnecessarily hard on yourself and that this might relate to the gaslighting that goes on at your workplace. It is time to fire your boss. Das wars ich kann einfach nicht mehr. Obviously this isn’t a solution with wide applicability but I wonder if “discovering a call” to some sort of volunteering or something could work similarly to break mental deadlock.) But you’re not obligated to do Being a Lawyer a certain way forever. Explore the reasons why you can’t quit, because it’s possible that your underlying reason is actually a “should.” And you might want to explore other opportunities. “Why would I leave a full-time gig with benefits at a legacy newsroom for… the unknown? As immigrants, we’re taught to power through when the going gets tough. I could have started looking for something else before I was completely burnt to a cinder. Because everyone else was living with the situation, so why couldn’t I? I made a plan, I executed it, and I got out. “Here, a valid excuse!” my brain justified to the rest of my body as its audience. No parents that will support me when I quit my job.

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