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When pruning, use 10 This variety is also exported to Southeast Asia. This is why they can grow in California several months out of the year. dwarf varieties will produce fruit 2 to 5 years after planting. Unripe plums will ripen at home in a paper bag in the refrigerator. Of the influenza B viruses, the vast majority were B/Victoria lineage. The distribution of viruses detected varied between Member States and areas and within sub-regions. In California, there were issues with the flowering of some varieties, resulting in smaller volumes. The effectiveness of vaccines in the population will be evaluated by vaccine effectiveness studies when there is a sufficient amount of virus characterisation data. Categories of plum trees are usually narrowed down to six varieties: Japanese, American, Damson, Ornamental, Wild, and European or garden plums.

Influenza activity in the European Region, based on sentinel sampling, first exceeded a positivity rate of 10% in week 47/2019. Plum stones believed to be from wild species have been found at Neolithic (4000 to 2500 BCE) sites in the Ukraine among the Trypilian culture, as well as at sites in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Cyprus. As for prunes — aka dried plums — the credit goes to Louis and Pierre Pelliers, two brothers who came from France in the mid-1800s to plant Agen prune plums which they grafted with a wild American plum, resulting in the California prune. Phone: 1-877-353-4028 Email: Retail Garden Center: 7 days a week from 10:00am-5:00pm. The production will be offered in the German retail,” says Obstgroßmarkt Mittelbaden (OGM). For the 2020-21 planting season, Italian is offered on the following rootstock(s) (listed in order of quantity in production, largest quantity first): Citation (semi-dwarf, 3/4 of standard size) Marianna 26-24 (semi-standard, slightly dwarfing) The positivity rate crossed the 50% threshold in week 04, and the season peaked in week 05/2020 at 58%. kilograms) of fruit per year. We will continue with those for another four weeks.". Look up plumcot, pluot, or aprium in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Although the majority of reported influenza virus detections across the Region were type A, 2 Member States reported influenza type B dominance and 4 Member States and areas reported co-dominance of types A and B viruses. Last week's heat wave caused sunburn damage to a small share of the plums, but only those at the top of the tree have been affected. Generally, Japanese varieties of plum trees will need fruit thinning, but July and August are peak plum season in most parts of the country. There are only so many plums you can eat out of hand. Both influenza virus types A and B were co-circulating in sentinel source specimens with a higher proportion (60%) of type A viruses being detected.

plum tree from producing any fruit. One other hazard to your plum harvest is a late spring frost. In April, however, the weather conditions were bad and that had an impact on the quality. However, too much wind and cloudy weather could have negative consequences for the pollination. Generally, you will want to fertilize no later than July. The harvest estimate will follow at the end of next month. Exports rose by a significant 29%, to 6,839 tonnes, and the value increased by 25%, to AUD 25 million. You can eat plums out of hand, of course, but there are many other ways to eat this luscious fruit. The quality of care that you give your plum trees will help to decide how By the turn of the century, there were 85 dried plum packing plants in California, which would become (and has remained) the world leader in dried plum production. Remember that in some cases, you will see what is called “biennial bearing”

To ensure production on The fruit on a plum tree can be red, yellow-green, or purple with sweet or European plum tree can produce 1 to 2 bushels (50 to 100 pounds, or 23 to 45 This is the only variety that is used to produce the so-called Transcarpathian lekvar, a thick dark-coloured jam. dormancy in the spring. Of the influenza B viruses, the vast majority (98%) have been B/Victoria lineage. For more information, check out this article from the Stark Brothers website on

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