recorder notes finger chart

Find The Note. Another site that is an excellent resource for recorders, with fingering charts, is available as printable PDFs at: American Recorder magazine: Extra Coverage, Playing It Safe: Social Distancing Resources, FREE Online Recorder Classes for Beginners, Fingerings for Baroque Bass Recorders in F, English/Baroque Recorder Trill Fingering Chart, English/Baroque Fingering Chart for Descant/Soprano in D, Tenor in D, Treble/Alto in G, Treble/Alto in E flat & Bass in G. Website powered by MemberLeap, a product of Vieth Consulting. Recorder Fingering Chart Click on the notes below to view the fingering and keys for that note. How Do You Read A Recorder Finger Chart? Recorder Fingering Charts. Hello and welcome, here you will be able to see through a Recorder notes chart quickly all the notes of the recorder. Copyright © American Recorder Society 2020 3. This Recorder fingering chart is based on the soprano recorder. Sargam Notes – Latin, Western, Anglo-Saxon, Indian Notation – Free Sheet music with Guitar chords Download – Free Sheet music with Notes finger chart Download – Tutorial. First, take a look at the sheet music you’re trying to play. - Recorder Fingering Chart. Recorder Enthusiasts, Privacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsReturns Policy. Recorder Notes Finger Chart – Sheet Music. The E-Mag for You’ll notice each note has a note head or... Reading The Circles. Blockis Recorder Fingerings is the best and most complete source for recorder fingerings available including English fingerings, German fingerings, Ganassi fingerings, Renaissance fingerings,Trill fingerings as well fingerings by recorder makers . We are going to study first the natural notes and then in another table we are going to present you the altered notes, that is to say, the sharp notes and flats notes. There are a number of on-line resources detailing the fingerings used to play the recorder. The chart I designed does not include every fingering possible for each pitch; nor does it include all the notes that can be played on a standard recorder (it covers only the octave and a half from middle C up), but it's all my daughter will need for now. Example:. You’ll see 8 different circles on the image.

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