rules of kho kho

The active chaser is not allowed to give the Kho after going across the cross lane but s/ allowed to give Kho before reaching the cross lane.

10 Free Zone: The remaining portion of the ?eld on either end of the Court is known as FREE ZONE. 14.?A defender shall be declared out, if he is touched by hand by an Attacker without violating any rule or if he goes out of Field. While chasing a Defender, if an Attacker pushes the said Defender out of ?eld, the Defender shall NOT BE DECLARED OUT.

An attacker cannot rest or support on the Chaser to put out a Defender. In the league system, the winner shall score two points and the loser shall score no points. In this case, shoulder line foul should be ignored. There is a post on each end, and the runner can run between two players who are knelt, facing in opposite directions, but the chaser is not permitted to turn back while running and go between the players. The chaser team member is not to go through their sitting team members failing to it is a penalty. The 3 runners can go between two players of Team A who are sitting in a zigzag alignment. The following acts are punishable: a)Persistent addressing of of?cials concerning their decision. direction indicated by the Umpire, he need not give Kho. is to be noted. Kho Kho is a tag game of India. – The post shall be made of wooden poles that are smooth all over. Note: If an Attacker while chasing crosses/touches that line of the Central Lane which lies on the side of his chasing half the Foul shall not be declared. 2 Rings having inner diameter of 9 cms & 10 cms. He shall enter the lobby and declare the completion of each minute of play loudly by raising his arm holding an indicator. 1. In case the. 2The of?cials of the match shall be appointed by the competent authority and shall function under the guidance of Referee. As long as any part of the foot of an Attacker is touching the ground of a cross lane he has not gone beyond that Lane. iii. a)For a minor offense, such as talking to opponents, spectator or of?cials, shout-ing, etc. In 1996 first AKKF championship happened in Kolkata, India. The active chaser must tag on the back of the passive chaser and shout KHO-KHO simultaneously. Eight members of the chasing team sit in their eight squares on the central lane, alternately facing the opposite direction, while the ninth member is an active chaser.

B. The penalty at his discretion shall range, according to the default from warning a defaulting player or the entire team to participate in the further play of the match. B. This federation came into existence in 1973. Immediately on hearing a signal given by the Umpire by his whistle, the Attacker shall take the direction indicated by the Umpire and if the Defender, being chased at that time, thereby becomes out he shall not be declared out and the Attacker shall have to follow the? A match consists of two innings. If need be, this process shall continue until the winner is decided. Option to give ?follow on? The game is a combination of both hockey and wrestling. Defenders have full freedom of movement on both sides of the central lane, but the active chaser cannot change the direction to which he is committed. him to stop the turn until the Referee has signaled to stop the turn, the turn is not closed. The passive chasers are not allowed to obstruct the runners. with him simultaneously. 3 Field: The limits of the Kho Kho field are formed by meeting the Endlines and Sidelines at ABC&D. Immediately on hearing a signal given by the Umpire by his whistle, the Attacker shall take the direction indicated by the Umpire and if the Defender, being chased at that time, thereby becomes out he shall not be declared out and the Attacker shall have to follow the? 5 Posts: Two strong wooden posts, smooth all over 120 to 125 cms. The active chaser is allowed to turn back after crossing the post line. Top of the Posts shall be free from any sharp edges. He shall then declare the winner of the TOSS. b)During the game, a player may address the referee only through the team captain; the team captain may address the referee and shall be the spokesman for his players. He shall be forbidden from the participants for the rest of the match. Note: Measurement of SIDELINES for: – 20 Metres 20 Centimetres. a verbal warning will be given by the Referee. Its origins are as old as Mahabharata, with strategies and tactics likely derived from Mahabharata itself.

It is 29 meters in length and 16 meters in breadth. If an Attacker leaves the Free Zone, he shall go in the direction of the other Free Zone, remaining on that half of the Court where he was, when he left the Free Zone. If he is touched by an active chaser with his hand without committing a foul. iv. vii. An attacker?s front foot need not necessarily be in touch with the Cross Lane. Kho Kho Rules

‘Chaser’ team takes a sitting position within the cross lanes with opposite back in 8 squares and one player stands near the pole. After the third and last defender of batch is out, the next batch must enter the limits, before a 'kho' is given by the successful active chaser. xv. He died as he had to fight alone against 7 other warriors and he received heavy casualties. If an Attacker violates any of the rules, the Umpire shall declare a foul by blowing a short whistle continuously and shall immediately compel the Attacker to go in a direction opposite to that of which he is going. To find out more Order of the Runners shall not be changed during a turn. Figure Skating History, Rules and How to Play Figu... What Is Triathlon? and take the toss before starting the match. What is the Role of a Referee in a Kho Kho Match? Second Asian Championship was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. xiii. If he repeats the same, he shall be declared out. After completing the score sheet he shall hand over to the. The chasing side shall not leave the Squares until the Referee has declared the turn as closed. After getting a Kho Chaser will immediately be an Attacker and shall go to the half that he is facing and shall go in the direction which he has taken by going the Cross Lane or turning his shoulder towards any of the Posts. will be considered a foul. If he does so he shall be warned once in a turn. Note: Measurement of ENDLINES for: 14 Mts.

closer to a chaser shall be treated as a ?FOUL?. A. ). Making derogatory acts or personal remarks to the opponents. Secrets of The Most Famous Playboys of Cricket, Short Biography of Jassym Lora (Andre Russell's Wife). B. If he does so he shall be warned once in a turn. The Umpire shall declare a foul and compel the Attacker to act up to the rules if the latter does not follow the rules.

If a defender is shown a red card by the referee to penalize his offense he will be declared out and shall be forbidden from the participation for that particular match and in the next match too. In this way, only one team becomes scoring team in each of the two halves of an innings. When Attacker, while going in a particular direction, turns his shoulder line through more than a right angle to the direction which he has already taken it shall be a Foul.

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