shakedown: hawaii switch

The pacing is still overwhelmingly slow and most missions end just as they’re getting started. Bounce off a trampoline and land on someone. To each his own but this review sure seems to be pretty harsh. Love the music! Vblank Entertainment says that 3DS users should "stay tuned" for more info… might get it when it goes in a sale, All this time in development and release delays and that’s what they get (6/10). Haha I guess? Not entirely knowing what I was going to get from Shakedown Hawaii, I went into this game relatively fresh. There's a problem loading this menu at the moment. Vielleicht hat das Spiel einfach einen falschen Tag bei mir erwischt. I guess I’ll wait n get gunlord. Pure, unadulterated fun. I'm still betting better than a measly 6. You made an 80s reference. Maybe you’ll save up for an expensive building and dump all of your money into upgrading that – it’ll make a good bonus for your daily revenue. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. The Vice City-like obsession with money and real estate looks like a fun aspect, but I'm not sure I feel like dealing with the one-joke brand of humor. You’re simply buying a thing from a list of things that only serves the purpose of allowing you to buy even more things. Alas, these nuggets of gold fail to hide the game’s shortcomings. But don’t worry, Shakedown Hawaii isn’t preachy. ouch! It's cool, May is Mental Health Month, and we all got something not quite right goin on up shame, no judgements will be made, dog. I'll probably still get it at some stage but might just wait for a sale now. “Unfortunately, it doesn't feel like the stages were designed with the dash in mind. The game is fun. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews. We've all played dungeon crawlers, collect-a-thons and grinders before; Shakedown Hawaii is easily distinguishable because of the pace (great upbeat tempo to the game), the humor, and the diversity of gameplay. The story is witty. Each building adds more revenue to purchase, yet more buildings and upgrades simply add a percentage increase to that revenue. 6??? Vblank's open world action heads to the tropics, in Shakedown: Hawaii. Shakedown Hawaii is available on PSVita, and PHYSICALLY to boot. To me, they have aged the best. People look at me like I have six heads because I can’t get into Pokemon or Animal Crossing, yet I’m a huge Nintendo fan. Personally I'll be purchasing this on my Vita, as you also get the PS4 version included. @H_Hunter I wouldn't compare it to MN9 cause Shakedown Hawaii is nowhere near the sort of dumpster fire that game was from what I have played. These are taken from the Switch version of Shakedown: Hawaii. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger on purchasing this straight away. When the template is already there and you think hey if it aint broke i can see how programmers feel the need to diversify and change it up a bit and sadly that doesn't always work. WOW! Dam just a 6? An 8!!!!! Shakedown: Hawaii - Nintendo Switch Trailer, A captivating, smart, and fun game with plenty of hours of entertainment value. Within Hawaii, there are hundreds of buildings to buy, each with thirteen upgrades that you’ll have to manually apply. @nintendolie Saints Row 3 is also a 8 year old game, while Shakedown Hawaii is brand new, so comparing prices isn't really fair. Where AAA studio games often throw time-wasters at you to extend playtime, Vblank is content making sure you just have fun. And the game is fun. The score is the least important part of the review, now more than ever. I personally loved Retro City Rampage on Wiiware and beat it. Maybe I'll pick it up on sale, but frankly, I have so much to play so as it is. If NintendoLife gives it a 6, well.. that’s all you need to no, I havent even played through retro city yet (my kids love it) so might pass on this, @Solomon18 nintendolife usually gives games better scores than they deserve. As it stands, Shakedown: Hawaii is full of potential, but it’s overshadowed by monotony. In between shakedowns and story missions, you’ll pop into your map and purchase a few properties. One less game for the seemingly endless backlog. They gave Labo Variety Kit an 8! I already download it and got a blast playing it. 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