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/ {��Oa�׳����*�FU��"�� xmp.iid:F77F117407206811818C85DF6A1A75C3 Adobe Illustrator CS4 39.999402 ckNmmUjI2yLy7rfmvQLN9KTy6GvZIz6cij0mPplTzlVRV2WqdGXYA9asYmNt+PUGIqmKL5a80zSr These kings all allegedly ruled for multiples of 3,600 years (the maximum being 64,800 or, according to one variant, 72,000 years). CMYK It is also one of the first civilizations in the world, along with Ancient Egypt, Norte Chico, Minoan civilization, Ancient China, Mesoamerica and the Indus Valley. Eridu had once been a seaport, and it was doubtless its foreign trade and intercourse with other lands that influenced the development of its culture. viOVW17ydDdRk/upH1EU4NOskbBljYN+7jpUDvQHkpCqtY/n5rUOqrHrWueU4rGKaNL+O3/SBmiR The dispersion of writing in an unaltered form presupposes the existence of schools in various cities that worked according to the same principles and adhered to one and the same canonical repertoire of signs. 90.000004 0.000000 Black [2]. V2KuxV2KuxV2KuxV2KuxVjX5k2Gi33kTW7fXLmSy0j6s0l9dwx+s8UUJErOI+EvILwqRwO2Kvnv/ The Amorite "dynasty of Isin" persists until ca. tLKeehIiSP8AadawqWYESRL8LA7kHwVT3y55bt/MKz33krQ9XuVs/RjWW0m8vxKtzFGsdXEcUi8p 9O/KO0hj9Pyt54aC8Vop1EOpOFVZTRZP3nJC0kC04fFuOgJxQi7XSvyidfQTyp5wcQs6qtxb6kQ7 converted EmbedByReference C=40 M=65 Y=90 K=35 Central Asia is here shown to have been a major player in the development of cities. that marked the end of a long wetter, warmer climate period from about 9,000 to 5,000 years ago, called the Holocene climatic optimum. The excavations have uncovered the lowest architectural phases at Jeitun, as demonstrated by detailed examination of two houses at the northern end of the site. saved To shed light on this mystery, bovine and human mitochondrial DNAs (mtDNAs) have been investigated, based on the well-recognized strict legacy which links human and livestock populations. n9n7UrufIyaHqOi3SXU8xnvbZVinthbtVyr0oJZWqoNGqKctgTTJRnbRm03ALv7H6H5JxnxxrcN+ ınterest: Determınatıon of the provenance of lapıs lazuli used for Despite Melville’s disavowal of his early work, modern scholars have come to pay particular critical attention to Typee, identifying in that book seeds of the themes that Melville would explore in depth in both Mardi and his later, more accomplished novels.4 Nevertheless, these same critics have largely ignored Omoo, referring to the book only in passing as a sequel to Typee, or setting up its relatively straightforward narrative in order to highlight the contrast between the clear and simple style of Melville’s early writing and the generic fusion that is Mardi. �5�]_�a7�z�0b��?�ի�(��n��UY� �r;�2�k�o���X�Y���}N��n��?��:��ۧO���x�J~�p��?�����_�a�`���k�|GN|+�d��J�ҽ���k��ˮVɽr�`]ΰJ���dWy��a�Z$)P��L*t��p��C���;alt��!��'������Ϋ-�5d�l#{K~W�7>g�H��k�O��\j�c�ֺ�!6F��q�a|[㥋��[0l�H�e� P����̈Z���A(�C�Qx���v�i5����� ����!�B��N��� ��K»7z�6�p� �a'DO�c5zKgza"�#�����r�L@Q)�;����֛PS�Fp�b� 100.000000 CMYK 0.000000 xmp.iid:B233668C16206811BDDDFD38D0CF24DD F3f7EfrRGn/n7pFvbvHcC9upXNTcNa26sPgK/Cqz8B8XFvs02O3xVDwHvSNThr6f9iEx0D85V1e/ xmp.iid:F77F117407206811BDDDFD38D0CF24DD Th is act shows some con-nection with a cauldron. 0.000000 VULnT/yemvpL648v+dgbqQmSL6vqcUSMWLsKIUpXqRXtXriqrqek/k+mrz3dz5a84vKly312OO3v 2010-09-13T21:26:35+02:00 Sumerian culture may be traced to two main centers, Eridu in the south and Nippur in the north. Consequently, the turn of the 4th to 3rd millennium is to be accepted, with due caution and reservations, as the date of the flourishing of the archaic civilization of Uruk and of the invention of writing. Adobe Illustrator CS4 0HX1utQ0/TJ9PnSUxym9s2s7h6DgJOLqrlTw4gnf4cVZHirsVfIGoWd3P5t1VIfIpmknvbpEuZhr PROCESS 69.999999 50.000000 Default Swatch Group saved “Named ‘kaunakes’ by the, Greeks, this tufted fabric is represented in all of the sculptures, and mosaics of the period, as seen in the art from the. 5kgIUBoCzp22X9ohSqxya6tpNJ/gm7SW5QWios3mKItLbC2blJ8CAfuo1HM/EzLTdaYqhUt5rGWd CMYK �p���μYY�~Sř{�M���w��\�y���Ê��ᜣ#Z}��I��|�pC�p�V1i�f輳��~t�o�I��߾k�dJ!����4��J�yc��3jz�XG�T��[�mIL����!�BW`����S$�)���7q���p���aJ�8��T_V� �>J;xb�� ��p��^�a uICvxiPIhqnuTyoVLVnZ3E8TahdeR760sTcrDdPDP5hlulSfmHfhNGUlkWKM0kr8Pw134jFCy20j ikEMx164KyoXZRppLR0iEvF1FwTy347V+LbHxF/Ief2ftQ1p+StldJGy6zdxl34Ms2mGMr+8jj5N (page 136) • Sumerian city-states lost power when they were conquered by outsiders. VoByHSgxVXj/ACQ06PUdSuF8+ae1ldJcrJCZrmsbOoMbcvr+3puIGau5G1QKYpZ3+Uv5deWtOeLW 19.999999 ZY0uF5MChdVZuO1OVMVZ+n56flLIsTR+ZbVxPI0MIUSMXkQKSqgJUn41+/FXRfnp+UcrSBPNFmfS +DlJWWl5iZmpucnZ6fkqOkpaanqKmqq6ytrq+v/aAAwDAQACEQMRAD8A5N5S/N2/0zS7u11O/vp7 6cTPw67bV3oqrzfnHrkE2owz+U/jsuTwmPVtOZXiSSNGaTlIjwsnN+alSBx6nsqh1/PHVGv4LZfK 0.000000 1zC0rvwLt6n16V1VrZY6faXYEKAxOKt3n5MaZJqMVldfmJpLXFjJNbm1LSQXUcDcBPbkpfhjx5KT PROCESS Four different points regarding the current known archeological evidence are evaluated separately, and the Sumerians’ unique and strongly sacred mythological beliefs related to the lapis lazuli stone and the myth’s origin are analyzed. VQaeOKp5irybzN/zk5+WPlzX77QtRa++vadM0Fx6VuGTmvXi3MVGKpZ/0N7+UP8ANqP/AEij/mvF C=40 M=70 Y=100 K=50

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