trade of indus valley civilization

The areas are Pakistan and northwest India today. For example, there was a carnelian-working industry at Girsu; its products were small and rough compared with those imported from the Indus. Carnelian (red stone) was frequently mentioned in Mesopotamian texts, often as an import from Dilmun (which had no native carnelian), though in Gudea’s inscriptions it was said to come from Meluhha. People of Indus Valley Civilization belonged to ancient Tamil group and the language spoken was ancient Tamil. Indus Valley was well-known for its efficient level in engineering and architecture which included uniformity in the size of baked bricks and their measuring weights. The phase was known as the Late Harappan Culture, which was during 1900 – 1400 BC. Substantiate. The first city discovered was the Harappan City, so the other name for this civilization is Harappan Civilization. How did Indus Valley  Civilization decline? Elaborate. Besides India, this language was also spoken in various other countries including Maldives, Sri Lanka, and Afghanistan. Out of all three, the religion developed first was Hinduism. Farmers grew crops and could trade their food for pottery, cloth, and other goods in the city. Later barter trade was changed to monetary business. TOS4. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. For instance, minerals were mostly traded with two major countries: Iran and Afghanistan. Where is Indus Valley civilization located? Who did Indus Valley Civilization trade with? The Indus Valley Civilization collapsed in a very mysterious manner without leaving any piece of evidence behind. Apart from this, Indus Valley civilization is also known for discovering Bronze ( Copper + Tin ), ruler, script, pottery, stepwell, and seal carving. However both Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic civilization have continued to influence modern cultural practices even today. Also, the mysterious decline of the civilization and script developed in the valley make this civilization an interesting one to research. Cotton was also cultivated and was traded to make cloth out of it, which was also marketed. After the proper development and categorization of the religion, there were a total of three main religions followed in this civilization. It was the third most common language spoken by the people of India. Besides the inventions, the systematized town planning. Besides god and goddess, the symbol considered sacred was the Swastika. Indus Valley Civilization is one of the most advanced civilizations of its age. The cities of the Indus Valley Civilisation had "social hierarchies, their writing system, their large planned cities and their long-distance trade [which] mark them to archaeologists as a full-fledged 'civilisation.'" It is curious that the Harappans, who were conducting expedition to Magan to obtain copper, presumably to meet a shortfall in the supply of more local (Aravalli and perhaps Baluchi) copper for their own needs, should also have been trading it on to the Sumerians who were themselves obtaining Magan copper. Some of the well-known sites include Kot Diji, Gumla, Lothal, and Mehgarh. Whereas, the majority of the population stayed back and settled in Indus Valley. It is believed that some people of the Indus Valley Civilization lived in Syria as the rulers of Mitanni Empire. Harappan trade with Babylonia seems to have been established on a significant scale by Akkadian times. One Mesopotamian cylinder seal of this period identified its owner as a “Su-i-li-su, Meluhha interpreter.” Another text, probably of this period, recorded that a Meluhhan called Lu-Sunzida paid a certain Urur, son of Amar-Luku, 10 shekels of silver as compensation for a broken tooth.

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