transformation of sentences simple, compound, complex exercises with answers pdf

He wants to earn his livelihood. The student must either apologise or face the punishment. (C) He wants to working hard to earn his livelihood. 1. He was not only fined but also sent to prison. Compound: He had no work to do, and so he took rest. These are the exercises on transformation of sentences simple compound complex from the previous public exams. (What is used with a Noun, whereas ‘How is used with an Adjective. Compound: She was very intelligent and she got first class. Transformation of Sentences :: Simple-Complex-Compound : Basics, Conjugation of Verbs (Board Question Analysis), Transformation of Sentences :: Degree of Adjectives : Rules, Transformation of Sentences :: Degree of Adjectives : Basics. Simple: In case of completing the work, you can expect good remuneration. Gold is more expensive than any other metal. Simple:  Having finished his exercise, he put away his books. Take regular exercise and you can be healthy. He was unwilling to go any further. Nobody will forget those happy days spent here. Complex: After he had crossed the bridge, he entered the village. Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences Exercises: Conversion of Simple Sentences into Complex Sentences: His silence proves his guilt. The students are found without textbooks. Complex: He will fulfill what he promises. Answers My friends are wonderful people ( simple ). 1. The words of exclamation like oh’, “Ah’, ‘Alas’, ‘hurry’, etc. Simple: On opening the parcel, I found a beautiful card in it. (C) If the thief had seen the jeep of police, he had run away. Complex: He is so honest that he will not accept bribe. I wish I could be successful in the examination. Very few girls of Sohani’s class are as clever as her. A sentence comprises generally of following parts : Subject, Verb and Object. ; Also, using conjunctions … (Choose the best fit among the alternatives). (Change into Assertive form), O! ‘Seeing the jeep of police, thief ran away.’. 2: Or Ex: Read attentively or fail. Compound: The sun had set, and the boys stopped playing. I have added answers of the questions for your help. By reading attentively, you can make a good result. He is working hard so that he may earn more money. Compound:  You must work hard, or you will not get a first-class. Try the Deleting Technique: You take the sentence transformation, for example: You´ll have a great time no matter where you go, REGARDLESS      You´ll have a great time ________ where you go, YOU MUST CONSIDER WHAT IS THE SAME IN BOTH SENTENCES AND THEN DELETE WHAT IS THE SAME IN THE FIRST SENTENCE. Complex: Unless you pay the fee, you will not be allowed to attend the class. Compound:  You must work, or you will not pass the test. Each part has a sense and its own meaning. He earned a promotion. Rule-7: And + Sub + desire to/ desired to/ want to/ wanted to….. যুক্ত Compound Sentence কে so that + sub + can/could + V1 … যুক্ত করে Complex এবং to/ in order to + V1 …./ for + Verb + ing দ্বারা Simple Sentence -এ রূপান্তর করা হয়।. Complex: When he robbed the passenger, he murdered him. Though he worked hard, he failed in the exam. So first is Principal clause and the second is Subordinate clause. Read attentively or you cannot pass the exam. a. zero b. one c. two 6 Managers need to listen to people if there is a problem. He attended to his duties. Simple: With all his learning, he behaved foolishly. In synthesis, we combine a number of sentences into one new sentence which may be Simple, Compound, or Complex. As I was ill, I could not attend the meeting. Write them in a list like…, Look at our post on 110 EXPRESSIONS FOR KEY WORD TRANSFORMATIONS. So, practice the question with understanding. The fact that he is silent, proves his guilt. Simple: He is too honest to accept bribe. There is nothing more to be said. (Use ‘adjective clause’). Compound: She heard the news, and she rushed to Delhi. (Change into Assertive Sentence), How easy it is to accomplish the job! He read the question carefully. Very few cities are expensive to live in as Tokyo. What a piece of work is man ! A sentence that consists of two main or Independent Clauses is called a Compound Sentence. He cannot be befooled. When he had seen a horrible sight, he got frightened. He was very enthusiastic about it. My throat was parched, and so I could make no sound. Conversion or transformation of a sentence implies changing   grammatical form of a sentence  from one to another without changing its meaning. (B) The boy told that he was happy to returned to home. He was not satisfied with the salary. He jumped into the river. As __________ as/ So __________ as is changed into superlative degree of adjectives. Simple: In spite of his hard work, he could not succeed. Compound: You must run fast, and then you can catch the train. We have to ask the university authorities for any further postponement of M.A. Simple:  Besides robbing the old man, he murdered him. They were so nice that they can not be used just as present. Without being punctual, you cannot prosper in life. Nobody knows where. He has the required qualifications, therefore was offered the job. Complex: It is said that the factory is on fire. Complex: As soon as I opened the parcel, I found a beautiful card in it. Combine each of the following sets of sentences into a Compound Sentence: He resigned. (Change the sentence by using ‘not only …but also), The official accomplished his job and went out of the office. Compound: The police arrived and the crowd disappeared. েত্রে ‘too’ ব্যবহৃত হবে এবং Affirmative হলে, ‘enough’ ব্যবহৃত হবে।. He returned home. Such a sentence is called a Simple Sentence. Subordinating Conjunctions: They join a clause to another on which it depends for its full meaning. The weather was good. Download Transformation of Sentences MCQ Question Answer PDF. ( and,  both….. and,  as well as,  not only…. Question 13: Which of the following is not an exclamatory sentence? She is not only very beautiful but also has a charming personality. He has the required qualifications. My mutton chop arrived and she took me to task. Simple: In spite of her popularity, she is not a good actress. The thief disappeared and he left no trace behind. A complex sentence consists of two clauses one of which is the Main clause and the other Subordinate clause.

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