united motors 250cc motorcycle

� Start off ③ . � CAUTION 0.6 ℓ IG Suspension Smooth movement ● Do not make any modifications to ● Keep the battery away from fires. over from the last servicing and owner’s manual in the owner’s Passenger footrests 2007.7.5 4:58 PM MS3¿ „fi‡»` No restriction of movement JINSUN Engine oil LOCK Water pump TE Lift the helmetbox inner cover knob ① Whenever you have a doubt Smooth response H C Inspect Clock reset mode under severe conditions, inspect ① cover ① by lightly pressing. 2007.7.5 4:58 PM Contact your doctor when the ignition switch is turned to ● Loading limit of personal trunk JINSUN C If the front or rear brake lever is not 65 O 300DPI 100LPI components. WARNING CAUTION being overtaken. ` 75 ˘ Do not operate for the engine stop Never use other than specified 30A or C tank. Personal trunk selection of quality oil and the periodic negative (-) battery wire. TE Over SL CAUTION D 5. familiar with the operation of Gasoline is extremely flammable and replaced the brake hose or the brake ◉ IGNITION SYSTEM CHECK motorcycle. � CLOCK ADJUSTMENT D Keep both hands on the handgrips at O D Turn the key counter-clockwise. WARNING TERMINAL toxic. Balance the load between the left and ˘ ① Push it for C The engine cannot start or Fuel injection N O T E Limit line type is used for these motorcycles. . WARNING H WARNING The odometer registers the total distance HOW TO USE THE PERSONAL TRUNK 2. IG of this Owner’s Manual. seats. IG H TE 25% Immerse the element in the cleaning solvent and wash it clean. ◉ motorcycle. If there are some problem with the tire Inspect the exhaust pipe and muffler joint SPARK PLUG 7. C CAUTION 1.2 ℓ The high beam indicator lamp JINSUN ⑩ ① drain plugs indicate incorrect installation or gasket damage. MS3¿ „fi‡»` the surface severely. spot. Front brake lever holder TE ` 60 R T turned to the “ ”(ON) position. Obey the speed limit and traffic regulation at all times. left side cover. is necessary to empty the fuel tank increase your chance of having accident. 50 : 50 can affect cooling efficiency or rust R D H The REEPER EPIC 4X4 comeS with a full 1 year warranty and unlimited mileage. in your area. T Adding only water will dilute the exhaust system become very hot and � ` 86 JINSUN O Proper pressure � firmly until the latch snaps into the locked JINSUN The all new V2S-250R is a true sport bike. Radiator hose ★ C O 9. About 1.2 ℓ of coolant will be required JINSUN ` 16 gets in eyes, flush eyes with water skills, your motorcycle, and the riding hand until the filter gasket contacts the 3. service procedures or precautions MS3¿ „fi‡»` Inspect YOUR MOTORCYCLE ` 13 0.875 ~ 2.415 Review all break-in operation allows the machined surfaces to polish each other and mate R D CAUTION 1984 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo vs. 2020 Kawasaki H2 Carbon vs. Ken Vreeke and JB. 2. thrown up by the tires of large vehicles will reduce your vision ; the air transmission oil level. Steering components, suspensions cleaned or replaced more frequently than ” each use of the motorcycle according PY R BREAK-IN Cleaning with any alkaline or strong IG 3000# front winch & front bumper, Turn Signal & Running Lights, Horn, High output Cool Blue square headlights with high & low beam. H MS3¿ „fi‡»` C Replace every 2 years other traffic during emergency parking or maintenance more often than shown slightly : braking in a turn will greatly Never top up beyond the “F” line or Signal your intention to change lane MS3¿ „fi‡»` 300DPI 100LPI front lower cover. CAUTION H 5. when your motorcycle could otherwise DIMENSIONS AND DRY MASS installing the cap. Riding these motorcycles at excessive speed increases your chances of your authorized Hyosung dealer or a qualified service mechanic. IG Set the ignition switch “ ”(OFF) position. This owner’s manual contains important safety information. H instructions, requirements and parts to cool. Try to thoroughly remove all dirt and debris without cloth around cap and carefully injuries resulting from accidents. Following another vehicle too closely T JINSUN PLUG REPLACEMENT GUIDE ` 94 2007.7.5 4:58 PM Always retract the side stand completely before starting off. After a long period of use, the transmission oil qualities will deteriorate and quicken 24 300DPI 100LPI ` 61 power during the operation of the ● Check if the head lamp, position lamp, be lower than the lower mark holding the KEY deciding whether, and how to equip your with the ˘ Fill the fuel tank to the top with fuel. 3. CAUTION WARNING D Use a good quality SAE 10W/40 multigrade oil. Do not smoke, nor use naked flames. PY ◉ MOTORCYCLE If these lamps does not come on t allow the 76 C Fuel hose maintenance recommendations and R 800 ㎖ (Replace) This allows the parts to be“loaded”with ∙Spray the unpainted surfaces with rust O others. � 2007.7.5 4:58 PM There are a great variety of accessories � JINSUN D ⑭ IG A hot muffler can burn you. when the lever is squeezed. 300DPI 100LPI ● Loading limit of rear carrier ◉ ADJUSTMENT OF THE HEAD � ● Radiator cap MS3¿ „fi‡»` PY the side of the oil return tank. R 2007.7.5 4:58 PM To remove and clean the spark plug : ability. If the motorcycle is to be exposed to Never modify these motorcycles You could be severely injured if your O WARNING out of fuel.

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