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Niobium has a melting point of 4474 F, which is 256 degrees lower than that of molybdenum. The development of niobium metal and its alloys for elevated-temperature structural applications was started only a few years ago, but considerable progress has been made since then. Required fields are marked *. About 85% to 90% of the world’s niobium is used in iron and steel production in the form of ferroniobium. 05 0-0. As a natural ore, niobium occurs together with tantalum. Niobium and tantalum heat-strength alloys have good heat-strength properties, heat resistance, and processing properties, and are widely used in the manufacture of aero-engine parts and gas turbine blades. In the chemical industry, niobium is a high-quality material resistant to acids and liquid metals. The main uses of niobium in the atomic energy industry include jacket materials for nuclear fuel, alloys for nuclear fuel, and structural materials for heat exchangers in nuclear reactors. In common with the other refractory metals, the tendency for niobium and its alloys to oxidize in air at elevated temperatures has been a serious disadvantage. The Spruce Crafts uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. They can be purchased either as plain niobium or purchased already anodized in a variety of iridescent colors. Niobium jewelry findings are good alternatives to precious metals. For these applications, its favorable fabrication characteristics and high-temperature mechanical properties also have been an advantage. Niobium is combined with other metals such as steel and jewelry because of its hard, corrosion free and resistant qualities. However, the alloying combinations that have been tried have not achieved the desired oxidation resistance without increasing the fabrication problems. A common drawback of anodized niobium is that the iridescent colors may not match with basic silver and gold. 05 0-0. What are Nickel Silver, German Silver and Alpaca? She's an author of 7 books on jewelry making, and has been creating her own designs since 1998. For example, an alloy of niobium and 1% zirconium can be used to make a precise bracket for high-efficiency and high-strength sodium vapor street lamps, so that these small parts have high thermal strength, excellent formability, and resistance to sodium vapor corrosion performance. If you want to know more about the uses of niobium and other refractory metals, you can visit Advanced Refractory Metals (ARM) for more information. The Uses of Niobium in the Electronics Industry. Pure niobium is very ductile and can be cold worked easily at room temperature. Your email address will not be published. Once it is anodized, any additional work on the metal will negatively impact the iridescent colors. This means that when it is cooled, it can conduct electricity very easily. Your email address will not be published. It can be used to make cookers, heaters, coolers, etc. It is also used in glass as a thinner for eyeglasses. The colored metal is not plated or painted and the colors cannot chip or peel off. Application of Zinc Copper Titanium Alloy, Niobium - A Material for Innovations with Great Future Potential, good superconductivity, high melting-point, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, niobium is widely used in production and life. The most common niobium components are metal sheets, ear wires, jump rings, wire, and headpins. The density of niobium is only slightly greater than that of steel and considerably less than that of other refractory metals with higher melting points. Niobium, abbreviated as Nb, is a metal that is gray in appearance and ideal for use with steel to create an alloy that can be used in a number of products. In the chemical industry, niobium is a high-quality material resistant to acids and liquid metals. They have good piezoelectric and optical properties and are widely used in infrared, laser technology and electronics industries. Additionally, when it is heated and anodized, it can result in a vast array of iridescent colors. Niobium has a melting point of 4474 F, which is 256 degrees lower than that of molybdenum. It is a soft, grey metal that is naturally found in the minerals pyrochlore and columbite. What is niobium used for in everyday life? In addition, niobic acid is an important catalyst. Compared to many chemicals, niobium is featuring a good resistance at a relatively low weight. Identifying Pearls Used in Antique and Vintage Jewelry, Gold-Colored Jewelry That Isn’t Really Gold, Getting Started: Metal Clay Jewelry Making. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, America, Advanced Refractory Metals (ARM) is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of refractory metals around the world, providing customers with high-quality refractory metal products like tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, rhenium, titanium, and zirconium at a very competitive price. They are crystals for optoelectronics and electronics. Niobium is a transition metal found in group 5 and period 5 on the periodic table.

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